Skream’s back for a solo gig in Mumbai this Sunday, as a part of the first edition of Oji’s Right Click. Last year, he and his Dubstep contemporary Benga literally blew the roof off Sitara Studio, with an absolutely bangin’ (and sweaty) set.

To jog your memory :

Almost a year later, Skream is back in India but this time not as a dub producer.  2013 has definitely been a year of changes for him as he’s switched the music he produces. After being one of the pioneers of the heavy Dupstep genre, Skream has announced that he isn’t ‘inspired’ by the music anymore and is exploring music of a more ‘disco’ feel.
It’s safe to say, the producer has brought his own signature sound to the genre and is definitely not what we were expecting.

While he hasn’t completely denounced Dubstep throwing in a few bass heavy tracks every now and then into his sets, this musical geniuses’ Bombay gig is sure to be loaded with surprises.

And while you guys are scouring the net to figure out what Skream will be playing at Right Click, The Sherp has put together a list of interesting trivia about him:

1. Skream or Oliver Jones was quite the child prodigy. He apparently started mixing and dj’ing at the wee age of 11. Three years later, he was already producing his own stuff on FruityLoops.

2. He has an older brother – DJ Hijak who is a Jungle producer. While he was growing up, Jungle was at the peak of its popularity. Oddly enough Skream never liked the genre and even once called it ‘quite the racket’.
However, he did produce some jungle when he was older – some of which went up to 150BPM.

Jungle music

3. He can be quite creative, with his instagrams.

4. The first ever dubstep to be featured on a TV Series was by Skream, on the ever popular UK Teen angsty show – Skins. His music fit the show perfectly.

Speaking of Skream’s music, remember this song on Entourage Season 7? That’s Skream’s Let’s get ravey remix of La Roux’s In For The Kill.

5.  Believe it or not, the man behind some many blood curdling  bass drops is terrified of blood.

6. He was introduced to the world of ‘music creation’ through a Playstation game.

7. Skream hated school and decided to ditch formal education to pursue his passion for music, giving hope to all of us that an M.B.A. is not the only way to draw in the big bucks.