Thanks to the good folks at Submerge, The Sherp got a chance to have a candid chat with Italy’s very own dance-floor magician Stefano Noferini on his upcoming India tour, his favourite collaborations, biggest influences and a lot more..

For those of you who don’t know Stefano, will be in Bangalore next month for Cirkus Indigo has for long been considered a champion of house music in all its forms, and has played a vital part in shaping the genre. Know for his constant need to keep innovating sounds and crossing borders between genres, this dance-music stalwart has created a signature sound that has become the ‘must have’ sound at dance floors across the world. Years of top-quality music production has ensured that Stefano’s status stays at the very top of the dance charts and in the minds of fans across the world.


Hey Stefano, this will your first time performing in India, what are you looking forward to the most?
I’m really excited. India is such an important country and I really love Indian culture… and Indian food. I love Indian food! There’s a very good Indian restaurant in Fiesole, close to my home in Firenze and I go there about once a week.

You are considered as one of the champions of House and Techno. How did your journey to musical excellence begin?
My music is more tech house than simply house, but most of all I want to thank all the people that during the years chose to support me. It’s the audience that says to the world that your music is good or not.

Stefano Noferini1

Having collaborated with quite a few interesting artists including Mark Knight, do you have a favourite or memorable one?
I love working with other DJs, but I think the one of the more fertile collaborations is the one with Umek. Us and our labels really love to work together. Last year in Miami we won an important award together (“Goes On” was Best Techno Track @ IDMA), this year we’re gonna party in Clevelander, one of the best open air venues in South Beach, on 26/03/14.

What do you think about fellow Italian electronic dance music producers Nari & Milani? 
I know them personally and I think they’re really good in what they do. But our music is quite different. Their sound is EDM, mine is tech house.

Your music really gets people, us included, into the groove. Who or what is your biggest influence?
Probably a personal mix of funk and electronic music. Artists like James Brown and Kraftwerk built my music feelings…


Apart from playing at Mumbai and Bangalore, do you intend to do any exploring when you are here? If so, what’s on the itinerary?
I’m really sorry, but right after the show I’ll have to go back to my studio in Italy. And on 4/3 I have a gig in Italy…

Is there an Indian electronic artist you would like to collaborate with?
I hope to meet somebody soon, maybe some artist will drop me a demo at my gig this week.

You have toured around the world quite a bit. Which one was your favourite gig, and why?
Every gig is different and important. It’s impossible to say a favourite one. But if you ask, last year in a club in Peru a played for 6 hours. It was really a good gig!

Dance Music fans are supposed to be some of the craziest. Is there a crazy fan encounter you remember?
My fans are cool, as the music they love to listen to. They save their craziness for the dancefloor. Our universe is underground. For them, maybe, I’m more a DJ than a superstar and that’s really ok for me.

Lastly, what do you have in store for your fans in India? Can we expect any new surprises and new releases? 
I’m so happy to play in India, I received so many emails and posts during the years from people who were really expecting this. This is my special gift to them, I’m sure we’ll have a big party together.

Catch him live at –
Mumbai :  Tilt, 28th February
Bangalore : Cirkus Indigo, 1st & 2nd March