The Bangalore-based producer also hit up a few venues across India to showcase his newly launched music.

Jayanth Ramachandra, aka The Sine Painter, released his debut EP ‘URL Utopias’ on the 9th of May and its one that’s unique in the best way.

The four-track release as described by him is “an over-the-top, hyper-digital aesthetic” and is available on his website. It combines his music along with a 360 degree interactive layout created by the artist himself that’s an audio-visual dream. The first two tracks of the EP ‘- Pt. I’ and ‘- Pt. II’ are darker themed, related to the venting of negativity from the artists’ system, while the second half ‘+ Pt. I’ and ‘+ Pt. II’, is more of him basking in the hope from the catharsis.

The Redbull Music Academy alumnus has captured the image of a distopian wasteland of the digital age with emotionally charged beats which are cold and uplifting at the same time in his EP.

The EP is based on the Internet as a place of escape and a comfort zone for myself when I found the world too overwhelming. It’s an exploration and celebration of the digital and the cyber, and the possibilities they offer me both as an artist and a person,says Jayanth.

The man took this musical masterpiece across the cities of Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai with an audio-visual set that has been designed keeping the EP in mind this month. But if you missed out on the chance, don’t worry. You could still stream the album now from his  micro website and drown in the beauty of his work. Check out his Facebook page here.