If news about the cruelty the bulls go through at the famous Running of the Bulls Festival in the city of Pamplona,  Spain was not enough there are new reports about a 19- year old girl being sexually assaulted by five men in the festival. 

This news comes in just days before the festival began, after the Spanish city had gathered together forces and started a campaign to combat sexual violence that so many girls have to face during the festival. The 19- year old woman told police authorities that she was pushed against a doorway in the central streets and assaulted by 5 men at around 3:40 am.

Luckily enough, a police officer reported that 4 out of 5 of the men matching the description given by the girl were found in the ring where the bulls are gathered up in the end. The 5th man was found sleeping inside a car outside the city center. A similar incident occurred last year during the festival when a British woman was sexually assaulted in a washroom by a gang of men.

Due to horrific events like these, the Spanish authorities had started an anti-harassment campaign late in June to ensure the safety of women. But regardless of their best efforts, the images and videos being televised from the event showed otherwise. The alcohol fueled party was filled with images of men groping women’s breasts and reports of women claiming that men would grope them when in between a crowd.

The city council issued a statement on Thursday morning condoning the event and requesting people to join a silent protest against sexual violence later in the night. Witnesses have also been urged to take a stand for their counterparts if and when put under a situation like this and report them immediately. 

“San Fermin must be a festival which women can enjoy freely, safely and with complete equality” said Pamplona mayor Joseba Asiron. 

One can only hope that stringent action and measures are taken to reduce these atrocities!