Check out what went down at Glastonbury, compare between Indian and international music festivals, and find out which festival will have a cannabis dispensary this year!

1. Was This The Dirtiest Glastonbury Ever?

Two weeks and a cleanup operation later, the festival grounds still remain cluttered. See more!

2. DVBBS Dropped From Sziget Festival Lineup After Suspicions Of Abuse

After several women were found unconscious a DVBBS dressing room at Balaton Sound, the duo have been cut from the upcoming Sziget Festival. See more!

3. Tomorrowland Unite Announces Hyderabad Lineup And You Better Be Ready For This

People of Tomorrow, listen up! See more!

4. Enchanted Forest Gathering Will Have A Cannabis Dispensary This Year!

The 6th annual Enchanted Forest Gathering will be the second music festival in the USA to have a medical cannabis dispensary, thanks to the folks at Emerald Pharms. See more!

5. Sherp Rewind: Lollapalooza’s Journey Over 2 Decades of Music!

Known to be one the hottest platforms for Indie and Alternative bands over the years, Lollapalooza has cemented its name in the festival category to be one of the biggest and craziest festivals of all time. See more!

6. Indian Music Festivals v/s All The Others


A detailed breakdown of how the Indian festival experience is so much, err, different. See more!

7. Insomniac Might Just Have A Brand New Music Festival In 2017

Insomniac Events might just pull off a new festival in a picturesque location, if Pasquale Rotella’s viral Snapchat story is to be believed. See more!