We’ve curated the ULTIMATE festival hacks to sort your raving scenes this season!

It’s that time of the year again with summer festivals lined up globally and whether you’re looking at attending Coachella’s second weekend or catch Childish Gambino, Lorde, U2, The Weeknd and Flume at the Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo or rave at Electric Daisy Carnival’s international editions across New York, Tokyo, UK and Vegas; you need to get with these festival hacks to optimize your festival experience.

Attending a music festival in the sweltering heat is a totally different ball game than kicking it back at a fest any other time of the year. The rising temperature can cause unforeseen complications with logistics, resources, comfort, travel and even your munchies hampering your sojourn through pure music and mess up those breezy festival vibes.

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 As you prep for the festivals in this scorching weather, check-list these do’s and don’ts below:

That Handy AF Bag

Number One rule of festivals: gear up! Stashing on all those festival essentials includes everything from your hand sanitizers to your bottle of water (if the festival permits those inside!), as well as tissues and portable chargers. Whether it’s a multi-day or single day festival, there are many items that you’ll want access to throughout the day and should thus be carrying around in a trendy sling or chic backpack.

Avoid under-packing as well as over-packing by drawing up a comprehensive list of things you’ll need at the festival. There’s nothing worse than having to return to the tent to retrieve a phone charger because you’re down to 2 percent battery life or shelling out a ridiculous amount of cash for a bottle of water because you lost your reusable bottle the night before.

Pro tip: Go for a zippered bag and ditch the open tote style so as to deter a pick pocketer, who’ll have a harder time trying to sneak your precious belongings through the zipper.

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Get Your Festival Attire On Fleek!

It’s vital to consider the many types of weather you may encounter at the festival. If it’s a hot desert or arid plains, It’s all about staying cool and protected from the sun during the day and keeping warm at night. Pack a hat and sunglasses which would be comfortable, stylish and more importantly, something you want to be seen wearing in all the photos that’ll go up on Facebook after! Opt for a classic hat or cute beret. Now, your face and your eyes are ready for the sun!

Light cottons are the ideal pick but also carry a jacket or stole for later in the day when the temperature can drop substantially. For footwear, ditch the heels or open toed sandals and think of the mud and gravel you’ll be traipsing through. Sneakers, ballet flats or any closed shoes would be a wiser choice for comfort, dancing and hygiene!

Pro tip: For a rainy forecast, those rain boots are indispensable. Splashing in the mud and puddles has never been so much fun! Another handy tip could be to carry a poncho, though far from stylish, it’s far better to ruin that in the rain than your favourite windcheater. In a matter of seconds, you can throw a poncho over whatever you’re wearing and get back to the festivities!

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Keeping Up With The Gadgets!

Getting network on your phone AND ensuring you’ve got that juice on your device can be a pain. A solar charger goes well with your battery pack to recharge on-the-go, for when your battery pack needs to go back to 100. A solar charger that hangs on your pack is a good investment that makes it easier to keep track of during the day and is fortuitously low maintenance.

Pro tip: Have you ever wondered why the whole festival crew, from the volunteers to management to vendors, is always on their shiny walkie talkie? If you need to keep in contact with your friends, don’t rely on your phone to send or receive messages. The number of festival attendees trying to do the same often overloads the network, and it could be hours until a text message goes through. Instead, consider a set of walkie talkies, which will work no matter how many people are in attendance.

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Leave No Trace!

With great awareness of climate change and the impact human activities are having on the environment, more and more festivals are asking attendees to be responsible for the festival grounds. Glastonbury requires attendees to sign a pledge to leave the farm as it was pre-festival – a tall order for an event that attracts more than 175,000 attendees! Burning Man has a crew of volunteers who spend days returning the desert to its natural state. It’s really not too much to ask people to leave the festival with everything that they brought onto the grounds. Unfortunately, far too often, attendees bring cheap tents and clothing to the festival that they dispose at the end of the event, leaving fields strewn with tattered tents and piles of other refuse. This creates a huge mess for the event organizers to clean up.

Pro tip: Carry a small plastic bag in your pack to put your trash in, saving unnecessary trips in search of a trash can and also keeps the festival grounds from getting covered in pieces of garbageIf you carried a specific item on your person, be sure to take it back with you, or at least put it in a real garbage can or recycling container when you leave.

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The music festival scene is growing bigger and better every year and we wanna make sure you have the best experience you can, whether its your first time or hundredth! If there’s a festival you’re looking to attend this summer, start getting ready now!

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