With Digital Dreams being just days away, we’re sure a lot of you are prepping up and deciding who you want to see this weekend and are planning your schedule (with the help of their app) accordingly. Aside for the big and very well recognized names, we’ve compiled a list of artists we definitely believe you should check out and experience for yourself. These artists are well established and have made a name for themselves, and you can get the chance to see, or hear, why!


1. Peking Duk 

peking duk

This duo from Australia has been gaining attention the past few years, with many of their singles and releases being featured on prominent internet charts, like Hype Machine. They are known for their pop-ish electronic sound, frequently featuring guest vocals that provide a nice positive beat. Check out their soundcloud here.

You can find Peking Duk at the Bacardi Untameable Stage at 3:00PM and again at 7:00PM at Brita Hydrate on June 27.


2. Gramatik 


Gramatik is no stranger to anyone. The artist from Slovenia is known for delivering sets that are instrument-friendly combined with excellent electronic riffs, which results in a beautiful harmony of live instruments and gritty electronic music. When he and bad boy GRiZ team up, Grizmatic is born, an act like no other. Check out his tunes here!

You can spot Gramatik at 7:30PM at the Bacardi Untameable Stage on June 27.


3. REZZ 


Toronto’s very own Rezz is a name that has been buzzing through forums and festival line-ups in the past few months, and rightfully so. Stemming from Niagara Falls, this local artist produces some top-notch experimental tech that we promise you haven’t heard the likes of before. Hear some of her music here.

You can view Rezz’s set at 2:30PM at the Bacardi Untameable Stage on June 28.


4. Haywyre 


This Monster Cat artist has a style that we can’t possibly begin to define. Haywyre is what happens when you throw in a bunch of piano melodies, a bunch of live instruments and sounds from the future into a giant mixture. Haywyre has sounds that are aggressive, defining, and definitely not afraid to be bold. If you’re looking to broaden your music tastes, Haywyre is one set you don’t want to miss. Check out his genre-breaking music here.

You can find Haywyre at the Bacardi Untameable Stage at 7:30PM on June 27.




Amtrac is no stranger in Toronto. Having played a show recently at Tattoo, Amtrac returns to Digital Dreams to deliver what should be another beautifully curated set. Amtrac makes use of carefully executed percussion beats sliced in with piano riffs that send vibrations to your feet, making it impossible to not dance to the beat. Having being featured on various Internet charts and doing prominent remixes, Amtrac’s set should definitely be one to check out. Check his soundcloud out here.

Amtrac will be playing at the Echo Beach Stage at 5:45PM and again at 7:30PM at Brita Hydrate on June 28.