India will be treated to a humorous slide this weekend as the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival brings down Russell Brand, Vir Das and Papa CJ. Here’s what you can expect!

With comic shows firmly on the rise, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore will be treated to the funny ride planned out by the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival. By bringing down the multiloquent Russell Brand, aided by India’s funniest men from the block, Vir Das at Mumbai and Bangalore and Papa CJ at Delhi, the festival is clearly a promised mega event.

Expect wisecracks to flow, commentaries to be made, and a whole lot of chatty drollery! But if you’re still a little unsure of what’s to follow, we have just the way to warm you up! By introducing you to the men behind the show!

Watch the funnymen being absolutely hilarious below!

1. Russell Brand is quite easily one of the most articulate men in the business. His knowledge of current affairs, amalgamated with his quick affinity to rattle off some of the smartest thoughts with alarming speed have surmounted him a formidable humourist!

Like his thoughts on transcendental meditation meanders a whole many funny routes for a topic so ‘spiritual’?


2. Russell Brand is a fearless speaker, never shying away from taking on the all and mighty, as he humorously shreds their hypocrisy apart.

His series, ‘Trews’, a portmanteau for ‘true news’ garnered praise all over, as he went about delivering quips on all that’s wrong with the world. Here’s him ripping apart Fox News.


3. Or when he decoded sex with some Freud, Prince and lizard metaphor.


4. Or when he set an example with this edgy improv set!


5. Or when he dissected something we could relate to, you know, just families.


6. Speaking of chatty intelligentsia, Vir Das is probably one of India’s most eloquent speakers. Often credited with having revolutionised India’s stand-up comedy scene in English, he brought his urban coolth, fusing it with innate Indianness, and banking on the strength of brilliant social satire.

Here’s when he had a thought to spare about Didi.


7. When he said all that we thought about Twilight. Really.


8. Papa CJ was adjudged Asia’s funniest stand-up comedian, for good reason. The man cuts an incredibly insightful name, not to mention he’s done more, by taking India’s stand up comedy to a global platform.

Here’s when he represented India at the Last Comic Standing in Las Vegas, and nailed it. 


9. Or when he spoke about all the things that made us feel most Indian.

If you don’t want to miss this in action, grab your tickets here.