Here’s all the beauty of TomorrowWorld, USA captured on camera. Have a look at 28 massive moments from one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world

1. The Sherp was prepared for a weekend of revelry

2. The madness in #hyperlapse….


4. Dance stage or Russian temple? You decide

5. LOLCATS everywhere!

6. People of tomorrowWorld

7. A gentle reminder – This is TomorrowWorld, not heaven!

8.  And onto some synchronised hustlin’ at the OWSLA stage

9. Aoki was upto his usual madness

10. A quick nap to power up

11. The Sherp got to hang out with some minions…

12. …and some pretty ladies as well!

13. Chilling at the VIP pool deck was a highlight!

14. Showtek controlling the Mainstage!

15. LOL.

16. Down the rabbit hole and into Dreamville

17. How about some Skrillex in #hyperlapse?

 18. Just look at that sky

19. A view of the Mainstage during day

20. Cash cash for cash cash?
21. Neon lights, ready to fight!

22. The Sherp had a heart-to-heart conversation with Ferry Corsten about Full On Stage, India, NWP and more

23. The angels of tomorrow
24. “Music, happiness, lights, explosions, mayhem…”

25. A laser show like no other
26. Kaskade  closing the Mainstage with a beautiful bang. A video cannot do justice to the vibes here

27. How many flags can you spot?

28. Forever in our hearts…until next time TomorrowWorld!

 (Cover image courtesy : TomorrowWorld)