The ultimate free-thinkers paradise – Shambhala Music Festival’s 2015 edition etched to a picture-perfect end, and here’s all the pictorial proof of just how good the run was!

The organically raw Shambhala Music Festival amalgamates art, expression, music and the wilderness life with surprising ease. Every year, liberated expressionists from around the world throng the Salmo River Ranch in Canada for an experience that is cut off from commercial celebration, to immerse themselves in cultural bonhomie that only Shambhala delivers. This year too, loyal Shambhala-worshippers made they way for an epic electronic-music driven journey. Here’s proof.

1. The key to enjoying a festival like Shambhala is to lay all inhibitions to rest, and soak in the festival’s welcoming vibe. 

@_kismet(Image source: @_kismet | Instagram)

2. The Salmo River Ranch where Shambhala is held, annually, is a place of scenic beauty, and is best enjoyed intimately, as this young lady knows best!

@flash_the_abyss(Image source: @flash_the_abyss| Instagram)

3. And why wouldn’t you, when this is the sight that greets you?

@kayrae00(Image source: @kayrae00 | Instagram)

4. Shambhala, is after all the perfect amalgamation of nature and happiness

@emwitham(Image source: @emwitham | Instagram)

5. And with happiness, how can love be far behind?

@ouileigh(Image source: @ouileigh | Instagram)

6. And the constant accompaniment to love? Friendship, of course. 

Ricardo 2(Image source: Ricardo Hubbs | Facebook)

7. Friendships that translate into admirable squad goals!

@tawnaja(Image source: @tawnaja | Instagram)

8. Squads which care as much for each other, as they for Shambhala’s celebrated garb wear!

@sarahlauren00(Image source: @sarahlauren00| Instagram) 

9. And speaking of fashion, look at this lovely woman channeling her inner chameleon. 

@misslindsay_ann(Image source: @misslindsay_ann | Instagram)

10. Because when at Shambhala, do up as only people at Shambhala do!

Ricardo(Image source: Ricardo Hubbs Facebook)

11. And when everything is perfect, the vibes just kick in that well!

@_theconfluence(Image source: @_theconfluence | Instagram)

12. The festival, with its love for all-things-green, is welcoming, and perfectly conducive

@zaraan(Image source: @zaraan | Instagram)

13. There is a reason why they call Shambhala a hippie’s perfect outing

@missmagicmollymoll(Image source: @missmagicmollymoll | Instagram)

14. The music, the lights, and the weather, all come together for the experience of a lifetime!

@moisnelson(Image source: @moisnelson | Instagram)

15. So much so, that the sights are jaw-dropping-ly brilliant!

Mitchell Scott @spiralynn(Image source: Mitchell Scott @spiralynn | Instagram)

16. And the music creates the perfect auditory and visual atmosphere

Bonobo Shambhala(Image source: Shambhala Music Festival Facebook)

17. Every experience takes the preceding one to another level

@leahlucid The Lucid Dossier(Image source: @leahlucid| Instagram)

18. And you know, it’s not just you, but everyone else, only wants more!

@jaakobb(Image source: @jaakobb | Instagram)

19. And pretty soon, you’ve found that moment when Shambhala became your favourite music festival!

@kayrae00 2(Image source: @kayrae00 | Instagram)

20. And you know you’ll be back next year! Everyone, almost, is. 

Shambhala(Image source: Shambhala Music Festival Facebook)