The Sherp puts together a picturesque review of New York’s most anticipated festival that went down this past weekend.


1. The Iconic Owl at the kineticFIELD stage 


2. This dude walked around the entire arena like this. No, seriously.


3. Making sure he didn’t miss any of the action by painting eyes on his back.


 4. ‘How about a kiss babe…?’  ‘How about Neigh.’


5. Installations at their immaculate best: The Caterpillar. 


6. The mythical Bubo stood tall.


7. Drinking with the authorities, No big deal. 


8. Well, The Sherp is just everywhere.  


9. So is the deadmau5 clan..


10. As the sun sets down on Day 1 of the Memorial weekend..


11. ..The attendees let you know what they think. 


12. The legendary Bassnectar marked his return with a destroyer of a set..


13. & rising star Justin Blau mesmerized the main stage.


14. Not the finest view but at least she had space to bust her moves freely.


15. Cake me? Sorry bud, No Aoki here. 


16. Yayyyy Kandi Overloadd 


17. The massive EDC Ferris wheel. 


18. And the view of the stage from the wheel.. 


19. Everyday Im Shufflin’ 


20. Another brilliant installation. Art was at it’s best at EDC New York. 


21. And as the fireworks lit up the sky marking the end of the fantastic gathering..


22…Calvin Harris couldn’t resist photo bombing the moment. 


(Cover Picture Courtesy : EDC NY Official Facebook)