Mysteryland US debuted at Bethel Woods this weekend and was an absolute rager. Here’s proof.

1. Welcome to Bethel Woods, folks.


3. Camping tres’ cute.

4. Prepare yourself for the madness.

5…And say goodbye to all the hate.

6.  Maybe money does grow on trees.

7. Seeing reflections at Sunday School.

8. The King of Hearts by day…

9.  The King of hearts by night

10. Just under the stars with Kaskade

11. Improv music at the Sin Salida Stage

12. Butterflies on a boat

13. Dat boat though.

14. So much Bass at the Boat Stage

15. Oh hello, Moby

16. Magic?


18.Purple haze. Purple Daze.


20. Bass, Lights…Camera!

21. A closing ceremony done right. 

22. And that’s a wrap!