Last Wednesday,  Wolfmother proved to Mumbai why they’re known as one of the hottest live rock acts of this generation.

Walking in casually at around 10PM to an already full Hard Rock Cafe, The Sherp was bubbling with excitement to hear the Australian rock trio Wolfmother perform in India for the first time as part of the ‘Micromax and Vh1 Rock Rules’ tour.

Finding a nice, comfortable spot at the corner of the venue and now with a nice cold beer (cause beer is the rock-gig drink of choice) in hand, The Sherp waited patiently for the band to take the stage and blast out their signature grungy, riff-heavy, slightly-hard music to every corner of the venue.

At around 10:30PM the trio, dressed in their hippie best, took to the stage and were greeted by loud screams from the predominantly black t-shirt (another rock stereotype) clad audience. Starting slightly off-tune, the band quickly came into the zone and churned out master-piece after another including favorites like ‘Woman’, ‘New Moon Rising’, ‘Minds Eye’ and ‘Love Train’ amongst others, which had the entire crowd singing and dancing along in near-perfect sync with them. They even threw in a couple of new tracks from their soon-to-be-released album which was received by the same enthusiasm.

All that apart, the highlight of the evening was the energy  that filled the venue, especially when they performed one of their most popular hits – ‘Joker and the Thief’ as their closing track in response to some seriously loud crowd appealing for it. The second the first riff blasted (literally blasted as the speakers were a bit on the louder-than-comfortable side) out of the speakers, the audience, now significantly drunk and sweaty, went into a mad frenzy head banging and singing along with the Aussies like there was no tomorrow. Those who were outside, heard the loud chanting and ran in to join their fellow Wolfmother fans.

And as the track ended and the band left the stage, there was a sense of awe and positive-flashback that was pasted on everyone’s face. It truly was an amazing event and only reminded us that Rock truly rules and no matter what happens it will never die as long as bands like Wolfmother are around to keep the genre moving forward.