Prior to their Indian tour, The Sherp chats with My Nu Leng about bass music, their influences and how the moniker’My Nu Leng’ actually came about

Hey guys, welcome to India! What are looking forward to the most, while you’re here?
Definitely looking forward to playing the shows the most. We can’t wait to showcase our music in India. We have heard great things about the scene in India.


We’re curious to know, what’s the story behind your moniker ‘My Nu Leng?
A drunken night looking for a name to label some music we had made, we used it to DJ mainly then we got a few tracks signed and the rest is history…
Even though your music is very bass heavy, it’s hard to label. How would you describe your fresh sound?
Dark and Moody drum and bass influenced dance music at around 130BPM or simply UK Bass music.
My nu leng
Apart from your massive track ‘Masterplan’, we quite like some of the remixes you’ve done with Rudimental and Jillionaire. Do you have any more remixes in the works that  we should look out for?
Nothing at the moment, we are currently working on our next EP for Black Butter Records.


What are the two of you listening to collectively listening to these days? Any contemporary artistes you draw inspiration from?
We’re listening and working with as many talented producers as we can. Though the few that stand out are dismantle, distro, troy gunner and sam binga who are all currently living in Bristol.


As far as production goes, do you guys divide and conquer, or are you both part of all creative processes?
There is no hard and fast rule but we have a great mutual understanding and respect for each others talent and let it grow organically from there.


Lastly, are there any particular bands or artistes you’re interested in collaborating with in the future? Also are there any Indian artistes you’ve heard of or like?
We would love to work with as many diverse and original talents as we can, we have been working with a lot more vocalists recently and can’t wait for people to hear what we have forthcoming.

Festival Five

1. If you had to get married at a festival, which one would it be and why?

None that we can think of, we would turn our weddings in to our own festivals!
2. Who/what is your favorite festival buddy? Tell us why.

Wet Wipes – multi purpose life saver.
3. A festival you would consider being sober at?

4. If you could take only 3 things to a festival, what would they be and why?

Clothes, A Tent, Fruits
5. Name a festival you would consider attending alone. Tell us why.

Burning Man – It would be an adventure worth taking on our own.


Excited to see them live? Catch them at following Indian cities

Feb 13, Delhi at Antisocial
Feb 14, Mumbai at Sitara Studio
Feb 15, Bangalore at The Warehouse Bangalore

Book your tickets here and here.