Fresh from his debut India tour which included a main stage performance at Sunburn Goa, The Sherp caught up with Belgian electronic honcho Makasi and he gave us a detailed account of his experience in the country, performing at Asia’s largest music festival, and India’s terrible traffic. 

C_MITSUN (2)(Image Courtesy: Mitsun Soni)

1. This was your first ever India tour. How did you picture India before finally coming down?

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I heard I was going to tour in India.. I was excited, that’s for sure.


2. Tell us about your experience in Mumbai.

I was always curious about Mumbai, it’s such an interesting city with so much of diversity every step you take! My promoter, Mr. Amol Raval of RVR16 Night, took me to a lot of places and showed me all the hot spots which tourists normally wouldn’t get to see! We went to see a Bollywood movie which is definitely a totally new experience for me. The only thing I disliked was the traffic.. horrible (laughs), but on the other hand, those rides gave me the time to take a quick power nap.

trilogymumbai(Image Courtesy: Trilogy Facebook)

3. Let’s rewind. How did the whole tour happen?

I played in Valencia last summer where I met Amol Raval, who booked me there. Since then, we’ve become really good friends. We kept in touch and after a couple of months he said he was planning a tour in India. Of course I was more than happy to do this! And the rest is history..


4. A debut tour, and playing straight on the main stage at Sunburn Festival. How was that experience?

One word.. INSANITY! I couldn’t be more happy with the whole Sunburn Experience. Everybody was so nice, a very good festival experience and to top it all off – I got to play the main stage not once, but twice!

ridhiin10(Image Courtesy: Ridhin Panchmatia)
5. We saw your perform on Day 1 of Sunburn Festival with Ale Mora on Shaan & friends stage. How did that go?

Haha, Ale Mora is my homeboy! We rocked some stages before in different countries and festivals. The first day was my day off, but of course I couldnt resist taking the mic during Ale Mora’s set! We had such an amazing time! And for me, it was my first little taste I got of the Sunburn experience!


6. Describe your Sunburn Festival experience in one sentence.

LIVE LOVE DANCE! (laughs) No, I would say that the atmosphere at Sunburn was just amazing and the people at the festival really know how to rave.


7. Which was your favorite act in Sunburn Festival 2014?

I liked Baauer, Jamie Jones, but my favourite act would still be Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.. Belgium Represent!


8. How was it playing a b2b with one India’s most coveted producers/DJ’s – Lost Stories?

Rishab is good fun! He’s funny as hell! But when it came down to our set at the main stage.. we showed each other how serious we take our jobs! He’s such a talented DJ! Just like me, he’s not afraid to play a bit of everything during his set. So it was a pleasure to play with him! I can’t wait for our next b2b!


9. Can we expect some new music on the horizon with any Indian artist?

Oh yes!! Just keep an eye out!  😉

A_ridhiin (3)(Image Courtesy: Ridhin Panchmatia)
10. You have been performing at Tomorrowland for a number of years. How has it been for you?

It’s been the 5th year playing at Tomorrowland, I’m so happy to be a part of it!


11. The crazy crowd surfing, champagne showers, emceeing and more. How important do you think is performance packaging for an artist in today’s industry?

To be honest, i’m just a simple guy who likes having fun and for me that includes a bit of entertainment during my set! But I think thats different for every single one! Packaging is important depending on the kind of set.


12. When can we expect you again in India?

Tomorrow? Haha the sooner the better! Let me know in advance so I can take care of my Visa!

rutger(Image Courtesy: Rutger Geerling)

13. Finally, a note for Dance Music fans in India.

India is such an amazing country that is up to date with the Dance Music Culture! So all I can say is: Keep moving those feet!

I have had an amazing time here and would like to thank my promoter Amol, Trilogy Nightclub in Mumbai, Sunburn Festival, Skyyee in Bangalore and also very importantly you guys at Festival Sherpa who kept every fan up to date about the whole tour! All I can say to you guys at Festival Sherpa is- keep rocking the internet!

(Cover Image Courtesy: Ridhin Panchmatia)