“I will continue to write music until the mustache doesn’t grow anymore.”

Giorgio Moroder is no less than an icon in electronic music history. Considered the Godfather of dance music, the thespian continues to be an innovator in the field, moving from Donna Summers during the prime of Disco to the newer voices of Sia and Britney Spears. For fans of music, the legend will be gracing Johnnie Walker The Journey on December 12, at Mehboob Studios, Bandra.

The Sherp got talking to Giorgio ahead of his upcoming India debut and he had a lot to say about his music and mustache!

It’s such an honour to have you play in India, Giorgio! How does it feel to finally be here, in a 5-decade long illustrious career?

I’m glad I’m finally making it to India for Johnnie Walker The Journey. It is going to be very exciting. I’ve played some great sets on my travels- can’t wait to feel the energy India has to offer

Can we expect a career-spanning set at the Mumbai gig?

I have about 45-50 songs of which about 25 are my older songs love to love you kind of songs, and some which I composed in the last ten years and some songs which I did from the album of Dejavu and some EDM songs by David Guetta and Avicii.

You’re considered the Godfather of dance music as it is. To you, what does dance music really signify?

Great new way for dance!

You helped kickstart the electronic genre, at a time when popular music was ruled by rock and roll. Then came hip hop, and today, electronic music is finally seeing the kind of popularity that has never been as intense. What do you think changed?

It’s great because I remember 4-5 years ago you could not hear any EDM or dance music while now it’s almost 50 % EDM. I like it because I like dance music and the radio is actually playing it!

Is it this upsurge in the genre’s popularity that prompted you to come back with a new album in almost 30 years?

It’s not like I decided –Daft Punk and the music industry decided it for me! After having a big song by Moroder it was obvious I would go back to recording – to be honest I’m happy I did it. I’m happy to be coming to India that probably wouldn’t happen if I didn’t come back in the music business.

HARD Day Of The Dead(Source: Michael Hurcomb/Getty)

Donna was considered the undisputed queen of disco. If you had to pick one name off the current crop of songstresses, who would be your choice?

I know Rihanna is a great artiste. She is incredible. So many today that I’d like to write for.

What would you say of the dance music culture prevalent today — the EDM music, the rave festivals?

I like it – the rhythm is really strong now. the EDM shows are becoming real big. They have great videos, great sound, great shows, great dancers, great lighting. They are becoming the biggest like Madonna who had the biggest shows. The bass is very good, all the DJs try and look for new sounds, and the sounds in the last 5 years are really good – very different, very clean and very pleasant actually.

There was a vibrant disco scene in India too, just around the time Saturday Night Fever released and much later in the works of some of our indipop artists. Have you ever managed to check any of that out?

No but the only musician I met is the composer of Slumdog Millionaire – Mr. A. R Rahman. – he is very good. No I don’t think I’ve heard of it.

When you were making music, people thought your work was extremely futuristic, computer-based work. What do you think the future of music looks like today?

You know what – I don’t know! The thing is that all the synthesizer sounds are so great so everybody has them – but I don’t think there was any new kind of trend except maybe EDM. But right now I have no idea of what is about to happen.

Lastly, is the iconic mustache ever coming back?

I will continue to write music until the mustache doesn’t grow anymore. That could be tomorrow or in ten years – I hope it continues to grow while I get older.

The genius will be in action along with Tycho and Explosions in the Sky at Johnnie Walker The Journey! Book your tickets here.