The Berlin based Welsh producer is all about sonic sci-fi techno and futuristic beats and is currently in India for a 4 city tour. The Sherp managed to have a little chat with the Techno producer to talk about his sound and the importance of ‘bass’.


FYI, He is the first ever artist to be signed to Modeselektor’s iconic 50 Weapons label back in 2010, and Benjamin has collaborated with Swansea home boy Doc Daneeka resulting in blockbuster singles like ‘Creeper’, and the widely acclaimed full length album – ‘They! Live’. His debut solo album ‘Heliosphere’ was also highly rated by critics worldwide and ‘010x’ was described as track of the summer.


Hey Benjamin, let’s start from the beginning. When & how did you choose to get into electronic music?

From the first time I heard it, it sounded so new and fresh. I always played records from a very young age on a little toy record player. Back then I only had my parents records to listen to, things like Jimi Hendrix and Weather Report. When I was a little bit older I heard techno for the first time and it stuck with me.

This is going to be your first time in India. Any reviews about India from your fellow artists? Modeselektor perhaps?

Everyone says you can’t prepare for how amazing it is, so I’m pretty excited.


Your debut solo album ‘Heliosphere’ was a major hit. How important has Modeselektor’s role been in your growth as an artist?

They signed me and got me out to Berlin. They’ve been very supportive and believe in my sound.

How have your ideas and your vision of electronics after your transfer to Berlin? And how this has affected your subsequent work?

In Berlin you hear techno everywhere, even in mobile phone shops and walking past building sites. Its ingrained into the fabric of the city. Its quite nice not to hear cheesy commercial tracks, its like you don’t have this noise pollution in your head and are a little bit immune from hype and fads.

Event Participant - Performance

Music from the UK has a very strong ‘bass’ inclination. How important do you think the bass is while producing a sound in the studio, according to you?

Its essential. Clubs and festivals have much better sound systems than they used to, and the sub is much clearer and stronger than it has been in the past. Its very important for the energy in the tracks.

Festive Four

1) Who/what is your favourite festival buddy? Tell us why.

Bambounou is a great person to run in to. Its always an adventure.

2) A festival you would consider being sober at?

If the music is really good you don’t need to be drunk to enjoy it.

3) If you could take only 3 things to a festival, what would they be and why?

What do you need at a festival? Everything you need is there already. Food, music and good people.

4) Name a festival you would consider attending alone. Tell us why.
Any, really. You can always make friends when you get there!

Benjamin’s sonic sci-fi techno captures the nostalgia of old school dance classics and the futuristic beats and bass of today. As a DJ,he has performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world including Movement in Detroit,Sonar and Melt!, sharing the stage with the legendary Giorgio Moroder in New York and performing at Berlin’s legendary techno club Berghain. Capturing audiences worldwide with his massive beats and ineffable techno sounds, this is one artist you do not want to miss.

When & Where:

21st May – Tantra, Kolkata

23rd May – Dublin, Chennai

24th May – Euriska, Pune

25th May – Over The Moon, Hyderabad