India is set to transform into Dada Land this June, and here are 5 things you will see/hear/feel at a typical Dada Life Concert.

As arguably the most lively DJ/producer duo in the electronic music scene right now, Dada Life’s eccentricities and out-of-the-box nature are a part and parcel of their music and live performances.

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The Swedish two,  Stefan and Olle aka Dada life are the rulers of Dada Land and remember,  in Dada Land there are no rules but the rules of Dada.


1. A Champagne Shower

dada life champagne

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Obsessed with the drink and claiming it ‘keeps your head bubbly’ – the Swedes unleash ridiculous amounts of champagne all over their fans. So if you’re low on funds or too lazy to hit the bar, just make sure you score a spot right in front to avail some free unadulterated Dada – certified champagne.

dada-life champagne

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2. You’ll go Bananas. Literally.  

dadalife bananas2


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Ever wondered what’s the secret behind the duo’s energy? It’s Bananas. A fixed mention in their rider list – the Potassium rich fruit drives them to pull off their crazy shenanigans. And their love for it reflects in all of their shows – Banana suits & inflatable bananas being tossed around the crowd as they blast their power packed sets.

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3.Pillow Fight Anyone?


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Go to a Dada Life concert and you’re most likely to get caught up in a wave of catapulting pillows. The Swedes hold the Guinness world record for master minding the world’s largest pillow fight that was held during one of their concerts in Chicago last year. Round 2 in India? Definitely, maybe.



4. The Dada Life Sit- Down

dada life sit down

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This may sound like a regular ritual carried out by most DJs  but there is no sit down like the ones that go down in Dada Land. Renowned for their super massive bass-ified drops, a sit down by/with these guys is something else.



5. Guaranteed ‘Rage’

dada life rage 2

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If you’re expecting a ‘PLUR’ moment, you should probably pull out of this one. You’ll need all the energy you possess to survive in Dada Land, and there are no two ways about it. Stefan & Olle are going to cut you no slack, so be prepared to dance your feet off. We suggest you take a few days off to ready yourself mentally & physically for one of  the most energetic dance music acts in India this year.

Prepare yourselves before you step into Dada Land. These guys know how to take it to the next level.

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