It’s now public news that Swedish progressive house producer Axwell and India’s Nikhil Chinapa have reforged their partnership, which in the past has been pivotal for the dance music scene in this country. We caught up with Axwell and had an exclusive chat with him about Axwell ^ Ingrosso and their upcoming new track.

Axwell, a former member of popular electro house trio Swedish House Mafia is a record producer to reckon with; usually counted among the very best electronic music producers in the world. Together with another SHM member,  Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell is not just part of the celebrated DJ duo Axwell^Ingrosso but the pair have also started their own club ‘Departures’ in Ibiza. Having performed in India several times in the past, his return to the country is eagerly awaited by his countless fans. And guess what, he may have hinted to us about a return.

Q: Hey Axwell, the preview of your new track ‘This Time’ sounds pretty great, with the pleasant surprise of Pusha T on the vocals. How did the collaboration between Axwell ^ Ingrosso and Pusha T come about?

Thanks! There was something really organic about how the Pusha T collaboration for ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ came around and the same thing happened when it came to ‘This Time.’ He’s a great artist and his energy on ‘This Time’ was crazy.

Q: This year, ADE for you was pretty eventful, especially by the stir you caused through the guerrilla marketing trick of mechanized birds singing the melody of ‘This Time’ in birdsong. What triggered off this great idea?

We just wanted to do something meaningful that would help those who need it the most. Both Seb and I are parents, so the thought of children out there suffering really hit home. It was cool to tie in the song with a creative way of spreading this message.

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Q: With the release of the single, you plan on donating all your proceeds to children affected by the refugee crisis in Europe. Through your massive platform and fanbase, how else would you advice people to help?

I think being genuine and open to new things is the best thing everyone can do. You don’t have to be a superstar or famous to make a difference. Giving all our personal proceeds to UNHCR felt like the best way for us to contribute. Sure, social media helps, but it’s important for everyone to do their part and raise awareness, not just artists. Sometimes helping is as easy as listening to what’s going on and reacting to that.

Q: Judging by your recent instagram post, you’ll be in India soon. Adoring fans aside, what is your favourite thing about our country? Are there any Indian dance music artists you have love for?

India is a really special country to me. The fans out there always give me 100% and the love and enthusiasm they show for the music is truly inspiring. I’m still learning about the country’s music scene, but the level of passion and love for music that India has is amazing.

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Axwell will be performing at VH1 Supersonic in Goa this December! Check out the Phase I lineup here