He’s the modern day Mozart, today’s leading talent in the ever-growing trance scene. He’s the pride of Moldova, known for his unique and very own sound. He is Andrei Rata, better known as Andrew Rayel.

Often called ‘the new Armin van Buuren’, it’s no surprise that Andrew indeed found the support of the man himself. Having the number one DJ supporting his tracks on the world famous A State of Trance radio show has been a dream come true for Andrew. His tracks ‘550 Senta’, ‘How Do I Know’ ft. Jano, ‘Aeon of Revenge’, ‘Aether’, ‘Deflagration’, ‘Musa’ and ‘Zeus’ all made it to the show, often voted Tune of the Week and Future Favourite. The trance scene has embraced Andrew’s refreshing sound, giving him a very warm welcome. And guess what? He’ll be in India soon thanks to the folks at Deep Sound Entertainment.

The Sherp was lucky enough to have a quick chat with trance prodigy, prior to his Indian Tour.  Here’s what he had to say about the Moldovan EDM scene, ‘EIFORYA’ his recent collaboration with Armin and what inspires him the most.


Hey Andrew, you played a magical set at Utrecht. What was the highlight of your night
 Hey! It was truly an amazing night, memories of a lifetime! Being part of trance history is something I’m truly thankful full. The entire night was a highlight for me but it did feel special when I saw Armin starting his set with our collab “EIFORYA”. Honored to say that I had the chance to create a track with Armin Van Buuren.


Could you tell us about the Moldovan electronic scene? How do you think Trance has evolved over the years?
EDM in Moldova isn’t that big to be honest, however, it’s growing for sure, more and more top djs are coming and playing events in my country, and I hope it keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Have you attended any music school or workshop to learn how to produce EDM or you are 100% self-taught?
I was self-taught production wise, the only music school I went to was a classical musical school.


This is the second time you’re touring the country. How was your previous experience and what is your favourite part about India?
It was amazing, especially that the India tour which I did was the first ever gigs I had, so I’m glad to be back! India has an amazing crowd, they love their music, they know what they want. My favorite part about India is India 🙂


You’ve often been called the modern day ‘Mozart’. Doesn’t that put you under added pressure? How do you deal with the expectations that come along with the tag?
To be called or related to such a name is a huge honor for me, it actually does put the pressure but I mean I don’t go in to the studio feeling pressured when doing a track, I simply go in and have fun, the way it should be.


You started off your musical journey at the tender age of 13, between then and now – has your approach to making music changed drastically?
You always learn to improve when growing, no matter what you do. Changed drastically? Umm, not sure, I mean I can say I improved, but my sound will always be the same. I like to experience around here and there, but that’s something every artist needs to do to grow as an artist.


When you were signed on to Armada, which was that the one track you think helped you grab Armin Van Buuren’s attention?
It would have to be 550 Senta.


Your sound has a classical touch to it which is pretty rare in the trance of today. Do you have any inspirational inclination?
Of course, I mean when you look at names like Mozart, Chopin, and even names like Hans Zimmer, its always inspiring to have that sound in an EDM version.


How important do you think social media (or basic promotion of the tracks you compose) is in order to get noticed?
It’s very important for sure to have social media promotion for a release, but even though, if quality isn’t found in track, promoting is will be useless.


When you’re not on the road or in the studio, what’s your favourite way to spend time?That would be spending time with friends, family and just relaxing.


Do you have any message for upcoming/prospective DJ’s and producers? Any personal tips you’d like to share?
Be yourself, love what you do, don’t give up, keep going.


Imagine you’re playing a marathon 6 hour set, and you’ve run out of tracks to play – Tell us the one track you’d drop to wrap up your performance.
Wouldn’t mind ending it with 550 Senta. 🙂


Andrew is set to tour India at 3 cities – MumbaiDelhi & Bangalore.

March 20: Mumbai, Club Royalty
March 21: Delhi, Kitty Su ( https://www.facebook.com/KittySu.Delhi )
March 23: Bangalore, Kitty Su Pleasuredome.

The Sherp won’t miss this, you shouldn’t as well.