With the sheer volume of local musical talent in our country, we don’t need to go far when looking for new sounds to explore. 

India is bursting with talent! Infact, the capital city itself is exploding with versatile performers that deserve recognition.

Specialising in a range of genres that are ‘alien’ yet fascinating to most of us, Begum is a Delhi-based band comprising of Tushar Mohan (bass), Karan Singh (drums and keys) and Kartik S Pillai (guitars and vocals). Formed in 2013, the band specialises is an extremely versatile and dynamic range of musical genres that include everything from dream pop, indie rock, lab experiments to Indian 11th century seduction sounds. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Credits: http://www.redbull.com

Vocalist Kartik Pillai and Drummer Karan Singh are even a part of psychedelic rock band Peter Cat Recording Co. Although, both PCRC and Begum focus on psychedelic rock, Pillai says playing for different bands requires a completely different approach, “With Begum, it’s everything that happens in the moment.” The seven-minute jam “Imposter” is one such off-the-cuff track on Bagh. Says Pillai of the song, “That was not a planned song and neither was it planned on making it seven minutes.”

Begum’s debut album Bagh was released in 2014 and featured captivating as well as mind-bending layered guitar work, giving listeners an innovative listening experience that’s one-of-a-kind. Hailing from the heart of New Delhi, the band describes themselves officially as dreamy, lo-fi experimental perverteres that showcase bursts of clairvoyance through their songs. Check out their tunes below:

The band recently performed in Mumbai and if you weren’t there to catch them, make sure you do the next time they’re playing around the closest venue to you.