Shaquille O’Neil has just given his fans at the recent concluded Tomorrowland a taste of his DJ’ing skills. 

Yep. Bizarre things are happening all around the world. NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neil took on the moniker of DJ Diesel and played an all out trap laden set at Belgium’s, Tomorrowland. Shaq is notorious for having endorsed every product he could get his hands on over the past few years. Right from video games, mobile applications, energy drinks to Burger King, you name it, he has endorsed it.

He uploaded a couple of videos on his Instagram page which shows him playing some bass driven tracks and him trying to pump up the crowd.

He got random people from the audience up on stage to rock out to his tunes. Although the crowd seems to be having a good time, we have our own doubts about what Shaq is actually doing behind the decks.

We’re not even sure if he’s actually operating the decks and playing all those tracks. Well, can’t do nothing about it but be happy for DJ Diesel.

Ladies and Gents, this just goes on to show that money can get you anything.