Comic-Con is so passe now. The same old cosplays, panel discussions and stars every year. Want to see something new? Head over to Douche-Con 2016, courtesy Conan O’Brien.

Yes, you read that right. Head on over to Chula Vista, the next San Diego to catch a feel of The Douche Con 2016. This place is a hot spot for every idiot who wants to be a stuck up dude and wants to irritate everyone with his selfie stick.

Team CocoΒ at Conan O’Brien’s show put together a video of what will go down at this years festival giving you a glimpse into the most pretentious gathering of the year. Take a look!

The event promises to have various workshops on jean embroidery, chain wallets, vaping classes. You also get to meet some famous iconic douches from the industry while you’re there.

This is literally a dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to be “That guy“. Conveniently held inside a party tent outside the parking lot at Home Depot, this event is not to be missed.

So go ahead, register and visit the Douche Con 2016. It’s your time now!Β