Bonobo, Skrillex, Thomas Jack and Kygo will lead the charge at the Canadian festival this year. 


The 18th annual unique mountain festival, Shambhala Music Festival just dropped its biggest lineup till date. Check it out below:


Shambhala’s landscape beauty and people created an atmosphere that is difficult to describe, but it is definitely worth a shot. To help capture the magic Shambhala Music Festival has teamed up with Sweetgrass Productions for the official Shambhala after story.

The “Shambhalove” has made this festival one of the largest and longest running electronic music events in Canada. Shambhala has been owned by the Bundschuh family, who maintain the 500-acre farm year-round. They continue to deny any corporate sponsorship making the festival produced and managed entirely by volunteers. Their ethos relies on idea that people who attend and volunteer reflect their own beliefs and visions onto the music festival and turn it into what they want it to be.


(All Images Courtesy: Shambhala Music Festival Facebook)