From fur boots to racially offensive headgear, The Sherp breaks it down for you.

(Semi-friendly disclaimer : No disrespect to anyone who actually wears these costumes. We’re just havin’ a bit of fun here.)


1. Racially offensive headgear

To deny the appeal of beautiful Native American headdresses is like denying the sun exists. That being said, it still does not give us the right to wear headdresses of a race that suffered genocide. There are a thousand arguments we can indulge in, freedom of speech and expression being one. But do you really want to be that person who purposely ignores the sentiment of a certain culture just so you can look ‘cool’ at Coachella?

Steven Tyler native american headdress

2. Men’s spandex

Just the sight of this can leave a person quite…terrified. To have your junk on display like that, is probably not the best way to make friends, especially lady-friends at a festival.


(Image Via : Pophangover)

Men's spandex1

(Image Via : TheFW)


(Image Via : Pophangover)

3. Pasties

Ladies, is there any point to this? You might as well go fully topless.

2013 pee

4. Random animal suits

How is this a comfortable option for anyone? Let us assure you, the novelty of being dressed like animal will wear off the minute you begin to sweat.

bear suits

5. Lame-o T-shirts

You know those T-shirts with the ‘Have you seen Molly’ slogans written on them? Those are the worst. I guess people will do anything to make themselves look cool, regardless of the consequences of drug abuse in festival arenas.

Apart from looking like douche — practically EVERYONE is wearing it, so if you think you’re being unique, think again.




( Images Courtesy : EDM shirts Instagram)

6. Furry boots/ Fluffies

Like dead cats around your ankles, these furry boots are at the centre of EDM fashion. What we fail to understand is how people voluntarily waste good money to buy these atrocities. All animal fetishes aside, the boots look stupid and will get definitely get ruined if you’re at an outdoor venue.

fur boots


(Image via : WordPress)


(Image Via : Tumblr)

7. Pacifiers/Binkies

Apart from looking like an absolute fool, you might as well stick a sign on your forehead saying, ‘on drugs’. This has to be the most obvious, attention-seeking way to tell people you’re on molly. Cops don’t need sniffer dogs, they just need to weed out all the people with pacifiers.



(Image Via: Pinterest)


(Image via : KingOfNightClubs)

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