The UK’s Looe Festival is clearly one of the most beautiful festivals in Europe. If the location (just by the beach which is lined by majestic cliffs, in the seaside fishing town of Looe) wasn’t a crowd-puller enough, the organisers ensure that the festival showcases some of the most entertaining global acts every year. This year’s festival, to be held from September 19-21, features a line-up that includes the formidable Frank Turner, the boisterous Brand New Heavies and the enchanting Cosmo Jarvis, among many others.

But the artiste roster apart, here’s a simple reason why you should visit this festival if you happen to be in the UK in that week.

1. This venue couldn’t be for real



2. How do you like your live music? By the sea? Very well



3. If you’re looking for a relaxing music experience, then there’s no place like Looe



4. The ambience is so relaxing that it can bring calm to even Superman



5. During the day, you can even go zip-lining



6. Or play country games




7. Rafting competition, anyone?



8. Looe is the kind of festival where even the security has a ball of a time

17 amy sampson(Image courtesy: Amy Sampson/Looe Festival Facebook)

9. Not to mention, the kids. This year’s fancy dress theme is Celts & Cowboys. So be ready to encounter plenty of these at the venue



10. The nights are just surreal



11. This year’s headliners promise one helluva experience

brand new heaviesBrand New Heavies
(Image courtesy: Brand New Heavies Faceboook)

frankFrank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
(Image courtesy: Frank Turner Faceboook)

For tickets, click HERE.


(All Images Courtesy: Looe Festival Facebook)