The Vh1 Supersonic line-up is packed with heavyweight acts that will steal the show at the 4-day festival in Goa, but there are a number of other impressive names on the roster that pack quite a punch.  


The second edition of Vh1 Supersonic possesses a blistering bunch of talented musicians from across the globe. From drum n’ bass maestros Calyx & Teebee to the incredible Mat Zo, the variety on offer is splendid. Here are a few names who will surely bolster the musical experience at the festival this year:


1. Coyu

coyu(Image Courtesy: Coyu Facebook)

Catalan maestro Coyu is the boss of Suara Music, one of the most respected techno labels in the world. His musical prowess was witnessed by the Indian faithful when he came down earlier this year, and he’s back at Vh1 Supersonic to tell us why he’s considered an electronic god back in Spain.  


2. Calyx & Teebee

calyx and teebee(Image Courtesy: Andre Wattah)

The outlandish fusion between Britain and Norway make up the drum & bass powerhouse that is Calyx & Teebee. Their names are synonymous with high quality, perfectly sculpted music and their sound has had an impact on the scene for over fifteen years.


3. Maya Jane Coles 


Maya Jane Coles has been a pioneer of music since she first stepped into it’s world. An all-rounder of sorts, Maya will have written, produced, engineered, arranged, mixed and performed every element of her track; sometimes top-lining and, on most occasions, even designing the sleeve artwork. Want an all round musical dose? Look no further.


4. Guy J b2b Jeremy Olander 

PicMonkey Collage

Guy J’s sensual and hypnotic productions combined with Pryda Friends standout Jeremy Olander’s modern progressive touch is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the festival. Although this won’t be their first time in the country, this is he first ever time they will be playing alongside each other. Quite simply put, this is the mother of all B2B sessions India has ever witnessed.


5. Carl Craig


(Image Courtesy: Billboard)

Grammy-nominated composer Carl Craig is an absolute legend in the world of techno. His music is a work of art you cannot afford to miss marveling at.

6. Roger Sanchez 

Roger-Sanchez-September-Chart-2011(Image Courtesy: Beatport)

The master of aliases, Roger Sanchez has made himself a dance music star, owing to his knack of pushing his musical limits further and further. He’s been through it all, and his performance will tell a tale like none other.


7. Above & Beyond  

Above-and-Beyond(Image Courtesy:

Widely considered as one of the UK’s finest musical exports, Above & Beyond are an absolute enigma of the dance music world. Their live performances are an emotional journey, and they’re back again this year to blow your minds away. One of the best live performers on the globe.