Security often takes a back seat where innovation is concerned. This is especially true when it comes to technology. Despite the best efforts of tech giants to curb digital theft, hackers and spam emails have become common problems.

Criminals can be relentless in their pursuit of our digital treasures. Whether it’s an account login or banking details, we have to be increasingly vigilant with every new phone release. If you’re looking for tips on how to be safe online, we’ve found some apps that will help to upgrade your security. For your convenience, we’ve sorted these apps into six broad categories.


If you’re worried about losing your phone, Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google’s Where’s My Droid apps have got you covered. However, if you want additional features like data backup, or advice on device security, you’d be better off with an app like Lookout instead.

Lookout Mobile Security combines locational security with an antivirus program, negating the need for two separate apps. It also sports additional features, such as improvements to data and identity protection. LookOut will tell you which apps are tracking your data use, and it can also give you advice on the implementation of additional security measures.


Online privacy is a hot topic these days. From regulatory laws to privacy battles, we’re learning that our data definitely isn’t as secure as it could be. If you want peace of mind while communicating, rest assured in the knowledge that apps like Silent Circle and TigerText are available.

SilentCircle will encrypt all your phone calls, text messages, and emails. Created by Phil Zimmerman, the man behind the most widely used email encryption software in the world, this app guarantees that no prying eyes can invade your privacy.

TigerText only encrypts text messages, but it does so in a way that complies with many privacy rules, particularly those related to healthcare. Used often by hospitals and insurance companies, TigerText is the perfect solution for secure and frequent communication.


Protecting your online financial activity can be a headache without the right software. Banking apps, PayPal accounts, Amazon wallets; the list is extensive when it comes to online shopping. Keep track of all your accounts from one secure app with eWallet.

eWallet suggests stronger passwords if your access codes aren’t up to scratch. It also provides an easy-to-use account management system, allowing you to efficiently keep track of all your accounts.

If eWallet’s asking price is a bit too high for your liking, LastPass is a similar app that offers basic password management at no cost. It also offers tiered subscription options if you prefer having advanced account management.

Data security

The integrity of your mobile phone’s security relies on the safe exchange of private data. For many of us, the thought of entering credit card details is enough to think twice about an online purchase. With Access Dots you’re guaranteed to know if (and when) you’re being spied on. This nifty little app notifies you when your camera or microphone is activated by a third-party app.

There’s also virtual security to worry about. Unfortunately, without using your camera or mic, there are other ways for unscrupulous individuals to infiltrate your device. MyVault is a useful app that will further keep your data safe from prying eyes. Using virtual storage encryption, MyVault provides a closed system within your device; a place where you can safely store pictures, videos, and even contacts.

Call filters

Most of us know the annoyance of spam-call telemarketing all too well. Call Blocker will help you avoid having to waste your time with them. This handy app allows you to blacklist any number, and even gives you the option to block all numbers you don’t already have in your contacts. It will also let you backup your data, as well as transfer your contacts across different devices.

If you’d rather take on those unknown callers, TrueCaller might be another option to consider. The app uses caller-identification technology to inform you about whoever’s calling your number. Similar to Call Blocker, TrueCaller also supports call-recording and call-blocking.

Identity protection

Yoti is the ideal app to keep you incognito. You can create a digital identity, and then decide on how much personal detail you want to share. Unlike most popular social media, your Yoti identity becomes a digital substitute, instead of an open book like other social media. It won’t expose your information and protects you from manipulative marketing.

There are no targeted ads or wild conspiracy posts on Yoti, and no awkward family conversations either. With Yoti you’re just another working face in the crowd. In an age where someone can Google your name or find your address on Facebook, it’s nice to know that there are developers who put their users’ peace of mind above financial gain.

If Yoti doesn’t seem like it’s for you, another high-quality app is Lifelock. Lifelock is an identity theft protection app that provides instant solutions for a variety of fraud-related issues. Using proprietary technology, Lifelock’s success is evidenced by over 4 million satisfied users.


You might have noticed the lack of any VPN-related apps in our list. That was a deliberate decision. VPN’s have had aggressive and highly successful marketing campaigns for a few years now, and chances are we’d be wasting your time by featuring them here. Most consumers have no doubt heard of companies like NordVPN, and how bypassing region locks is a standard service offer. Legal implications aside, we’d much rather focus on apps that need a bit of extra spotlight. Hopefully we’ve managed to shine a light on some useful software.