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For two consecutive years, Sainte Vie performed at Burning Man as part of the collective Mayan Warrior project. The intent of the project is to showcase contemporary Mexican dance music on a large-scale platform while maintaining a connection to the ancient origins of the enigmatic culture. Sainte Vie is quickly cementing his spot as a staple in Mexico’s electronic community and has curated an uplifting, evocative, emotional and soulful journey while adhering to the mantra of his productions.

Watch the Burning Man 2017 set below!

“A very unique and intense gig where the performance is highly influenced by the energy of thousands of people who ride their bikes every night deep into the desert to find the Mayan Warrior art car. With an outstanding sound system pointing to the horizon, it is also an incredible experience to hear your music travel through Black Rock City desert.” Quotes Sainte Vie.

Listen to Sainte Vie’s Burning Man 2017 set below: 

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