This speculation is already making us go wild.

Nucleya has been on a roll this year with his new album Raja Baja, multiple performances around the country and being featured in DJ Mags’ The Next 50 right under the Top 100 Dj’s In The World at an impressive 102. But over the last week, he played an impressive set at Budweiser presents Electric Daisy Carnival in Delhi.

The Bass king got the crowd going at Noida with his tracks and we were there to witness it firsthand. But another occurrence took place during the extravagant music festival which no one foresaw.

Nucleya posted this picture on his official Facebook page which has left us shook. He posted this along with the words “Lets get to work“. Could this mean that we will be blessed with a collaboration between Raja Baja and Steve in the near future? The thought alone of this possibility is exciting.

Aoki has collaborated with many artist from the EDM community as well as rock band Linkin Park for a whole album so this possibility is not so far fetched. The same goes for Nucleya, who has produced and released tracks with folk singers like Chinna Ponnu and Benny Dayal.

This year has already been crappy with losing legends like Leonard Cohen and having an Ommpa Loompa as President, so maybe the possibility of this future project can shed a little bit of happiness among us hopefuls.

We’ll be on a look out for anything more.

(Credits: PopKey)