Alesso, the next big thing in dance music, will possibly join hands with Indian Musicians.

Grammy-nominated music producer Alesso’s road to the anterior position of the global dance floor is truly unbelievable. He has already collaborated with household artistes like Calvin Harris, Usher & David Guetta. Now, Swedish music producer-DJ Alesso, who finds it amusing to amalgamate two worlds, says working with an Indian artist can be a possibility in the near future.

Alesso has already worked with Chinese and Korean vocalists in the past couple months. At the inaugural EDC India festival, he expressed his interest in working with Indian artists.

He said, “For me, it is a challenge to do more unexpected things in a way that it also makes sense,” he said. “If I keep coming back here, I feel like, why wouldn’t I give it a go and try to collaborate with Indian artistes? I think [Indian] people are passionate about the music. People know the songs. It doesn’t have to be a huge song for people to know. I think the market is growing. It is becoming bigger”

This is not the first time the DJ has performed in India. Alesso visited the country in 2013 and says it’s the love and support by the people that has brought him back here after three years.

Any guesses who will he collaborate with?