The Sherp has confirmed rumours of an upcoming tour with the Bristol based duo!

Way Out West, the Progressive house and trance makers consisting of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren will be touring India together for the first time in May 2017.

Our sources say that while the cities are yet to be finalised the month of touring for the English electronic pioneers is confirmed! After a long hiatus, Way Out West returned in 2015 with a fifth studio album while their 20 year collaboration has birthed classic tracks such as “The Gift” (1997) and “Intensify” (2001).


Whether trance, progressive, tech or nu-disco, the Way Out West sound is distinct and timeless, and this summer will be the launchpad for the new album and tour season! We can’t wait for India to be a part of this epic journey!

Stream  their 2016 track “Tuesday Maybe” on Anjunadeep and its accompanying remixes below:

Stay tuned to the Sherp for more updates on Way Out West’s India tour details!