The multi-genre music festival will revive the music and festival culture in Goa, at the time around New Year festivities. 

Owing to the rigid change in Government directives in the locale of Goa, towards the tolerance of nightlife and music festivals, we were sad to bid adieu to some of our favourite music festivals and setups over the last few years. Goa has long since been a hotbed for tourists and was known for the flourishing music culture and massive festival setups.

However, all that is about to change this year, as Goa welcomes a brand new, multi-genre festival that will take place at Vagator in North Goa. Time Out 72 Music Fest is the latest inclusion to the music culture of Goa, and comes at a time when the region needed much reviving after being deprived of a vital part of the culture and festive spirit.

There is no denying that Goa has been a hot bed for the music scene of India since the very beginning of time and it was our first priority to secure the venue. We are very grateful to the authorities for their co-operation in the matter. We will ensure all statutory requirements are met with in the course of time,” says Mr. Vaishal Shah, one of the promoters of the Time Out 72 festival.


The festival will take place over 3 days from 27th to 29th December. Time Out 72 Music Fest will debut as a multi-genre music festival, which has taken many by surprise since the recent fad is a genre-specific festival setting. However, Time Out 72 will have something for attendees with all musical tastes and will feature some stellar acts across its 4 stages. 

Time Out 72 is helmed by the spirit of two young entrepreneurs, Vaishal Shah and Aayush Mehta from Gujarat, who look to revamp the idea and culture of music festivals in Goa. Time Out 72 Music Fest will be a festival experience sans security issues, narcotics use, will be free of traffic congestion and will strictly adhere to the 10pm deadline.

We don’t consider Sunburn or Supersonic or EVC or NH7 to be our competition. What we will offer to festival goers will be very unique and not run in the mill. Our objective is to create a sustainable opportunity that is more global in that sense with the current overcrowded market place. Next year we will explore partnerships with other dance music giants in the global festival scene,”  explains Mr. Aayush Mehta.

With no more than a few months left until Goa re-emerges with a brand new music festival, the expectations and anticipation for Time Out 72 Music Festival is high. In a move unlike any done by a music festival before, Time Out 72 Festival will be offering a special discount on travel and accommodation along with a backstage tour, meet and greet with select artists and uber cool merchandise to the first 100 people who register. Be one among the lucky 100, by registering here.


Indian EDM producers such as Zaeden, Lost Stories, and Amsterdam based, Sem Vox have also expressed their excitement towards the reviving music culture of Goa.

The festival scene is incomplete without Goa. There is that very cool global vibe to Goa which most of other cities lack. It’s a perfect getaway and the whole ambiance just complements a music festival” – Zaeden.

Our first festival experience was in Goa, the place has its own vibe, unparalleled to any other! We’ve had some of our best performances in Goa. I think it’s the sand and the beautiful sunset coupled with some well-curated music which does the magic!” Lost Stories.

Music and dance go hand in hand. It’s like this one big massive party happening together. I’m sure festival majors like Tomorrowland, Ultra or Electric Zoo would pick Goa as a preferred venue if they ever imported their full fledged show to India. That’s how incredible Goa is!” – Sem Vox.

The music festival will be launched under the banner of  Waterlemon Events LLP and Sudarshan Entertainment World. 

Stay tuned, as tickets and phase 1 lineup details will be announced today!

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