For diligent rock music fans finding very little representation at the average American music festival, Rock USA brings together the perfect offering this July 15th!

Rock USA passionately panders itself to the ultimate rock fan, by offering four days of a prevailing rock environment that involves a small, compact, and strong rock artists line-up, along with camping opportunities, allowing one to immerse themselves in the culture entirely. In only its 5th year, its amassed a loyal fan following owing to its dedicated space of rock.




The line-up for their 2015 edition too is every bit as balanced as a rock fan would want it to be with a mix of big names and some lesser-known genuine talent.

The Sherp rounds up Rock USA’s biggies that should compel you to make your way to the festival of rock!

Alice Cooper

The theatrically dressed hard rock veteran Vincent Damon Furnier is most well considered to the the ‘godfather of shock rock’ and with good reason. Having legally changed his name to that of his band, Alice Cooper’s music may stir even the most dormant rock fan but their elaborate stage shows are a thing of legendary status. He has the reputation of combining fake blood, electric chairs and props of such order in the band’s live performances making them a must-see live act.


Judas Priest

Judas Priest is almost more than 4 decades old and their brilliant discography has landed the British metal band on regular lists of the greatest metal bands of all time. Their music has continued to define the framework of what metal music really is.

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold is a band that has garnered a great reputation because of how versatile their sound has been, as they’ve easily swayed from metal to hard rock from their earlier metal core sound. Their ability to explore their sound makes them one of the best live acts ever.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard is one of the world’s best selling hard metal rock bands, and thus easily become one of the most looked forward to headlining acts at Rock USA. Their long melodic guitar riffs and vocals replete with meaningful lyrics have established the band as one of the greats, appealing to a large number of bands making them one of the most succesful British metal bands.

Breaking Benjamin

Pretty much every kid raised in the 90s has had a Breaking Benjamin phase (if they were into rock, that is). If you haven’t had reruns of We Are Not Alone, the album, then what were you even listening to? But after a four year hiatus, the band is back with a new album. And fans have never been more excited. And since it’s now a completely different line-up excluding original member Benjamin Burnley, we cannot wait to see how the live performance will turn out.

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