As his contribution to World Peace Day, Ringo Starr releases ‘Now the time has come’. 

In partnership with the United Nations, former Beatle, Ringo Starr, released a video and a new song, called “Now the Time Has Come,” on Wednesday in celebration of the U.N.’s International Day of Peace.

Check out the video here.

“Making this record was incredibly personal for me,” Starr said. “Against the backdrop of war or social unrest, I always turned to music as a refuge. I hope this record can offer people solace and inspire them to do all they can to bring peace to their communities.”

Starr and producer, Bruce Sugar, co-wrote the song, which features vocals from Richard Page, Colin Hay and Billy Valentine, alongside social-media stars Christian Collins, Maddi Jane, Casey McPherson, James Maslow and Wesley Stromberg.

The song is part of the social-media #HugForPeace campaign to promote a day of non-violence through the peaceful act of hugging.

“I worked on this record with peace and love,” Starr said. “It was a joy to be part of this project.”


And we have happy to have you back Ringo!