Mumbai showed that it had heart, when it came together to support the fight against Women’s Crimes at Blue Frog for the Cry Freedom gig.


Crimes committed against women are on the rise in the country, a fact that is being (for whatever reason) conveniently ignored by its people (except of course for the recent up rise that happened against rape). So the guys at Indigo Live decided to make a noise about it through a platform called Cry Freedom, a unique gig that brought together 5 of the most talented performers under one roof, in support of a NGO called Give India.

The gig started off early at around 8:30 PM with famous stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal bringing the crowd up to speed on the current condition of women in the country in her signature sharp witted style. Her 20-odd-minute set really brought the crowd to the edge of their sanity as they filled Blue Frog with a cloud of laughter. She was followed by the extremely talented loop-goddess and vocal queen Vasuda Sharma, who got the crowd dancing to her amazing tunes which included a brilliant cover of Daft Punks ‘Get Lucky’ (which really got the crowd screaming and singing along). By this time the crowd had really gotten into the groove and had migrated from the comfort of their seats to the dance floor. Vasuda was followed by the extremely talented duo – Sulk Station, who travelled all the way from Bangalore to support the cause with their amazing sounds. These two really transported the audience into a different world with their down-tempo, trip-hop sounds perfectly complemented with some soulful lyrics.

They were followed by the talented electro-genius Sandunes who really pumped up the tempo at the venue. By this time Blue Frog was packed till the brim with ‘cause supporting’ ravers who had taken their place on the dance floor, grooving and moving to her amazing tunes. After a quick and energy filled set by Sandunes, it was time for the star of the evening – Dualist Inquiry. The super-star really got the crowd into a frenzy, with a truly noteworthy set that went on for almost one and a half hours. And from what we could see, no one was complaining about it. Track after track he never ceased to surprise us with the amazing original tracks and remixes he was throwing out, which included his famous track ‘Gravitat’ and a couple of Daft Punk mixes (I think Daft Punk was the unsaid theme amongst the performers).

By around 2 A.M. the gig finally came to an end much to the sadness of all the people who were there. But we all left with a sense of happiness on hearing the news that our support and donations had helped support 17 women who were affected by Women’s Crimes. Indigo Live is also taking Cry Freedom to Delhi by the end of the month with a whole new line-up.

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