The newest and most inane reality show idea, set to go on floors this year- “Do you have the thirst to throw one hell of a party?”

So you thought that America was the pro when it came to logic-opposing, headache-inducing reality shows? Well, Australia seems to be giving them a run for their money.

Starting production this year, a new reality show called “The Promoter” is out to find the best club promoter in the country. Over the span of 8 weeks, through different tasks and eliminations, the winner will finally be declared.

“Innovative marketing, ability to attract patrons, quality of patrons presentation, social skills and people management” is the skill set required. Wow, who knew you needed so many attributes to promote a club?

With a focus on “fame, fashion and music”, you can’t be sure if this is a serious deal, or just Australia’s answer to Jersey Shore!

With a prize of $30,000 (around 16 and a half lakhs!) or a trip to the party capitals of the world. They’ve got definite power over the aspiring youngsters.

Producers and DJ’s in the country have lashed out, accusing networks of commercializing the scene, but who knows if music will even be an integral part of this show, or the focus is on drama and drunk teenagers in clubs.

The Sherp’s bet is on the latter.