In an attempt to reduce waste at the festival, around 200,000 stainless steel glasses manufactured in Birmingham will be on their way to Glastonbury!

These cups will be in use at 10 bars on the festival site, with revellers shelling out £5 as a deposit when they buy their first pint. Another backstory to this entire stainless steel glass initiative is to attempt to initiate a positive change in the rapidly-declining steel industry in the UK.


(Courtesy: BBC)

“We’ve worked on this project over the last three years, which will hopefully encourage other UK businesses to think about how they can support our steel industry during these very challenging times.”, said festival organiser Michael Eavis in an interview with BBC.

The total deposit collected at the end of the festival will either be donated to charity or refunded, but that depends on whether the glass is returned or not.


(Courtesy: BBC)

This seems like a very good initiative that’ll both help curb pollution at Glastonbury, and benefit the steel industry in the UK as a whole!