After last year’s successful month-long event in New York, the Red Bull Music Academy is heading to Tokyo in October 2014.

The finest music experience and genre-defying showcase put forth by Red Bull is unparalleled. Over the last 15 years, RBMA has taken its forward-thinking music and art experience to some of the most iconic cities like Toronto, New York, Berlin, Cape Town, Madrid, London and Melbourne.

60 musicians from diverse countries will come together and showcase their unique methodologies and styles. The Academy is open to anyone passionate about making music and wanting to be involved in the evolution of music. You can be a producer, vocalist, an instrumentalist, beat-maker, DJ, songwriter or even a sound engineer – your application will be considered. So if you truly feel you have it in you, download the application form from The application process starts from January 15 and ends on March 18, 2014. [scroll down for more details]

India has been represented previously at the Academy by Jivraj Singh (one of the country’s finest drummers and music producers), Jeet Gupta (the talented mohan-veena player) and Sonal D’Silva (one of the leading music producers in India).

RBMA was going to be hosted in Tokyo in 2011, but unfortunately, due to the catastrophic tsunami and earthquake that hit that year, the organizers were forced to relocate the event to Madrid.



1. Download the application form from

2. Print out the application form and fill it. There are no right or wrong answers but do make sure you answer every question on the form, as incomplete forms will not be considered. The Academy is looking for a diverse group of inspiring musicians, so do let them know what drives you to make your music.

3. Include a CD of your music. If you’re a DJ, send us a bedroom mix that paints a picture of your style. If you make music, send us some stuff you produced, wrote, played or sang on. The songs can be sketches or demos – they don’t need to be finished mixes.

4. Mail the whole package to RBMA by March 18, 2014 to:

Red Bull Music Academy

Applications Tokyo 2014

Boissereestr. 9-11

50674 Cologne


5. Call it an honest day’s work; the RBMA team will get back to you by June 17, 2014.



1. To be selected, you need to make sure your application is complete and postmarked by March 18, 2014.

2. You need to be 20 years of age by October 12, 2014 to attend the Academy.

3. Include 2 passport photos of yourself in the application. Write your name legibly on the back of the photos.

4. Make sure your CD is an audio CD that is playable on a standard CD player.

5. Please only use pencil or pen to fill in the application form.

6. Lectures and workshops at the Academy are held in English. Therefore the application form needs to be filled out in English too, by you and no one else. The Academy is not worried about poor grammar or spelling mistakes.


Workshop 1: October 12 – October 24

Workshop 2: November 2 – November 14

Apply: January 15 – March 18