Protip : DO NOT spill alcohol or beverages on a (temperamental) DJ’s laptop.

While the majority of Holy Ship-ers are probably still recovering from the absolutely mad and epic cruise festival.
(SEE EVIDENCE HERE),there’s been quite a buzz about a particular meltdown that took place on board which was recorded by a very smart audience member on his or her camera phone.

The video in question depicts the Mad Decent DJ and slightly eccentric (Have you seen his Vine account?) Dillon Francis going bananas (and a little batshit crazy) during one of his sets, out rightly cussing at a certain chick who spilled vodka on his laptop resulting in a  technical malfunction.

According to the uploader of the video, it was Diplo’s dancer Lafayette who was the ‘retarded girl’ in question.

Of course the situation was handled expertly by a proactive Flosstradamus and Skream who managed to salvage the situation and Dillon’s Laptop, all while Dillon continued his tirade. We’re also fairly sure that that laptop is now accompanying the entertainer on his Big Day Out tour in Australia. Phew.

According to the uploader of the video,  the entertaining producer did apologize to Diplo’s dancer and played his set on the beach the next day using Floss’s laptop.

All’s well that end’s well, eh?

Piece of advice, Dillon. It would be wise (like some Youtubers have aptly pointed out) to bring two of everything or use a USB stick and CD’S as back ups, ya’know?

All that aside, this recent Facebook post reminded us all why we love you so much!