In an effort to capture a phenomenal year in dance music, The Sherp revisits and highlights the best, the worst and the ugliest of 2013 in his exclusive series called ‘Rearview’. Why Rearview? Because, well, it is a common known fact that ‘objects in a mirror are closer than they appear’ and subsequently, they can also seem more fun, more WTF and  MUCH more awkward…


Here’s The Sherp’s list of some of the most interesting documentaries of this year in the dance music world.

1. 10 years of Dance Music: The Documentary

If you’re in a mood for a nice little history lesson, “10 Years of Dance Music: The Documentary” really puts what happened over the last 10 years, with regard to dance music in perspective.
The documentary that involves fairly frank opinions of some of the biggest names in dance tells the story of how DJing and performing as an art was transformed by new technology.

Nicely done, Toolroom TV.

2. Richie Hawtin Discovering South Africa

Richie Hawtin is the man. Apart from being the daddy of minimal and a sorta global envoy who pushes the envelope of electronic music, he also takes up missions. Like traveling to South Africa to help inspire and enlighten under-privileged dance music enthusiasts or musicians. Of course, this is part of his work as the first ambassador for Bridges for Music – a platform launched for electronic music.

3. Melancholy Headbanging with Seven Lions

Melodic dubstep, Seven Lions, Dubstep Jesus, Bass Bass Bass, a cute mutt named Khaleesi. Watch.

No seriously. This mini documentary, shot by Jason Ano, shows a deeper and more personal side of this talented producer by delving into what inspires him and his music.

4.Blackout: Sex, Hugs & EDM!!!

Leave it to the guys at Thump to come up with something as weird and freakin’ brilliant as this. Blackout is the story of a night around the world with regards to global club culture. The movie is an unadulterated and obnoxiously honest tale of the theatrical highs and lows of parties across the globe.

What really gets you about this documentary film is the way it has been shot and the use of little or no voice overs, thus leaving it to the moving images and background score to do all the talking.

5. A Year with Armin Van Burren

A whole year with Armin van Burren? That title is reason enough to watch this.

All we can say is thank you, Armada Music.  Thank you.