In an effort to capture a phenomenal year in dance music, The Sherp revisits and highlights the best, the worst and the ugliest of 2013 in his exclusive series called ‘Rearview’. Why Rearview? Because, well, it is a common known fact that ‘objects in a mirror are closer than they appear’ and subsequently, they can also seem more fun, more WTF and  MUCH more awkward…

One of the best things about music festivals is its aftermovies. The people in these videos are undeniably having the most fun on the planet! Relive the moments of some of this year’s festivals with The Sherp:

1. TomorrowWorld 2013

The debut of TomorrowWorld in the United States this year was nothing short of breathtaking and magical… just like its aftermovie! This stunning almost-17-minute video begins with the mesmerizing and mellow acoustic mix of the Tomorrowland 2012 Anthem: Mammoth! WATCH.


2. Ultra Music Festival 2013

The much-awaited film, directed by Charly Friedrichs, instills goosebumps and tears as they unveil the process of preparing for the festival. The movie begins with shots of fans and artists heading to the venue – every scene filled with anticipation. Brilliantly capturing what transpired at the festival, the 17-minute footage is one of the most notable festival aftermovies ever produced.


3. Tomorrowland 2013

If you thought last year’s aftermovie was mindblowing, wait till you watch this one. This year, Tomorrowland has rewritten the rules of what a festival experience should be. The mainstage was the most breathtaking construction ever built. There were more attendees at this year’s edition than the London 2012 Olympics! The impressive 33-minute footage is just too intense!


4. Above & Beyond Group Therapy 050: The Official Aftermovie

To celebrate their 50th episode landmark of Group Therapy Radio, Above & Beyond decided to take their show back to the city where their radio journey began in 2004 – London! And that’s exactly how the video opens… with Tony’s mesmerizing voice. So what happens when music legends like Andrew Bayer, Arty, Boom Jinx, Guy J and of course Above & Beyond get together under one roof? THIS…


5. A State of Trance 600 Mumbai

Absolute and outright madness is what happens when a superstar DJ takes over the decks. And that’s exactly what happened in Mumbai on March 16, 2013 – a day true Armin fanatics will never forget. This brilliant video speaks for itself:

6. Mysteryland 2013

ID&T’s Mysteryland, a series of electronic dance music festivals held across Netherlands, continues to be a front runner when it comes to state of the art electronic festivals. With everything beautiful Mysteryland has to offer, this post-festival footage perfectly depicts the uninhibited wilderness and the mysterious enchantment of ID&T’s festivals.

7. Electric Love 2013

One of Austria’s leading music festivals, Electric Love took place in July this year. It delves deep into the unique experiential journey that the festival offers artists and fans alike.


8. Sunburn Arena ‘I Am Hardwell’ Aftermovie

Even though Hardwell was crowned the #1 DJ a month after his performance in India, we all knew this young ball of fire would be on that spot this year! This is undoubtedly one DJ who knows how to put on a show and get the crowd jumping for three hours straight!


9. Group Therapy India Tour 2013

If a Group Therapy could be summed up in one word, it has to be MAGICAL. In November this year, four cities in India witnessed a spellbinding spectacle! Here’s a little slice of it…


10. MTV BlocParty: Mumbai 2013 (Festival Sherpa Aftermovie)

Because The Sherp loves you

2013 got off to a banging start with Alesso and Deniz Koyu in town for Mumbai’s first-of-it’s kind bloc party!