A fatal shooting caused the death of a man and several injuries at the Zombie-themed festival in Florida. 

ZombiCon has been the biggest zombie cosplay festival in Florida, garnering a crowd of over 20,000 attendees every year, since the past ten years. This year though, a seemingly random fatality struck the festival, causing in the death of a man.


Around 11:45 PM on Saturday, just fifteen minutes before the event wrapped up, a man was shot dead, while four others were wounded. Chaos ensued and soon the police cars and ambulance arrived, taking control of the situation. The man was later identified as Expavious Tyrell Taylor, a 20-year-old college junior who was at the festival, presumably with his friends.


The police are investigating any possible suspects. Jill Stancel, a resident of the area, said she heard the shots and then saw people running from the downtown barbershop owned by her family. “There are people dressed up and some walking around with guns,” she said. “How do you know they aren’t real?” 

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(Images Courtesy: news-press.com)