These scenic festivals are ideal for a quiescent getaway with your SO. 

If you’re one half of a couple that loves music just as much as scenery, then this list is your vacay handbook. There are numerous cozy music festivals that celebrate their environment and music, both. So, instead of spending money on expensive hotel rooms and tours, spend it on festival tickets and a much more profound experience.

The Sherp has compiled for you a list of the most couple friendly festivals that guarantee you the great escape you need.

1. Calvi On the Rocks
Corsica, France

Calvi on the Rocks is France’s very own summer island festival, aiming to whisk you away for a blissful six-day adventure to the French island of Corsica. This year’s edition just wrapped up with splendour, leaving behind footprints in the sand and some incredible pictures. To go with the transcendent music, the festival organizes fitness programs for the attendees, the ethereal surroundings of the Théâtre de Verdure and of course, Schweppes cocktails and Cuban mojitos for anyone who wants one. This French soirée is all you and your other half needs this summer.

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2. Wilderness Festival
Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Wilderness Festival is one of the most eclectic festivals out there, incorporating theater, music, sports, yoga, art and much more in a humble four-day celebration. Despite its modest and unostentatious demeanor, this festival is far from shy. Buoyant costumes and the mysteriously discreet night celebrations deem Wilderness an enigmatic boho heaven. Why is this enjoyable for couples? We’re glad you ask. Being surrounded by lakes, the location of Wilderness is almost surreal. The festival features midnight skinny dipping, philosophy walks and dreamy bonfires. What more could you ask for?

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3. Secret Garden Party
Abbots Ripton, England

This annual independent festival for music and arts is probably the most well known and loved boutique festival that exists. The location of the festival is its USP – a Georgian farm house accompanied by its own lake, river and gorgeous landscape. A vibrant English music festival that’s perfect for a summer romance, Secret Garden Party should definitely be on your festival radar.

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4. Magnetic Fields
Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Magnetic Fields is an ethereal Indian music festival, held inside the beautiful and historically rich walls of a Rajasthani palace, namely, Alsisar Mahal. Apart from the incredible music, you and your SO can look forward to an experience that envelops you the moment you walk through the big iron gates of the 17th century palace. Whether you were staying in the palace with its four-poster beds and stained glass windows or glamping under the stars, the attention to detail at Magnetic Fields will whisk you both away into a world of enchantments.

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5. Outlook Music Festival
Pula, Croatia

Outlook, one of the better known and recognized festivals of Croatia, is also known to beEurope’s largest bass music and sound culture festival. Held at the Fort Punta Christo,the venue is home to lots of moats, dungeons and pretty great sound systems. If you’re looking for a festival that’s roomy, laid-back, scenic and comes with an incredible lineup then Outlook is your place.

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6. Your Paradise
Fiji, South Pacific

Fiji is one of the most coveted holiday destinations, with it’s immaculate beaches and tropical essence. Your Paradise is the quintessential summer beach festival, on the sandy shores on Fiji. Some chilled cocktails, inspiring music and cool nights under the stars may just be what you and your man/woman need. Your Paradise is usually held in November so keep your eyes and ears open!

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7. Festival No. 6
Portmierton, Wales

For couples who have an unquenchable wonderlust and a subdues backpacker within will enjoy Festival No. 6 immensely.  Festival No 6 is one of those festivals that is known for being artistic, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Every September at Portmierton, Wales, it brings the whole town together, and is the perfect answer to over-crowded and hedonistic EDM festivals, with its family-friendly camping areas and activities.



8. Mysteryland
Amsterdam, Netherlands

This one hardly needs any preamble. Mysteryland is one of the most gorgeous-looking electronic music festival;s out there. In the hold-no-bars surroundings of Amsterdam, prepare for some intensely wild experiences and debauchery – both of which you can enjoy as part of a lovely duo. Also, what better place to celebrate love than Amsterdam?

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