We can’t help but go ‘Ra-Pa-Pum-Pum’.

Rap diva and Grammy-award nominated Raja Kumari is out with her debut single! Featuring none other than India’s hip-hop icon DIVINE, ‘City Slums’ is the perfect ode to the city of Mumbai and it’s gully life. The song carries an old school hip-hop vibe along with lyrics that perfectly capture the essence of life on the streets in Mumbai city. It can just as well be Mumbai’s newest street anthem. The track has been co-composed and written by the duo themselves and has been brought together by global music giant Sony Music.

The video was shot in different locales around Mumbai, each depicting the lifestyle people lead there. It’s simplistic yet artistic take makes it an interesting accompaniment to the track. And, it was shot in just over 24 hours! Now that’s a beautiful result. Until a while ago, the video had already hit over 2 million views in just over a day.

Raja Kumari could perfectly sum up the song and her partnership with DIVINE in a few words, “DIVINE is extremely talented and I knew if I was collaborating with anyone, it had to be him. City Slums is a story about the people of Mumbai. I am so inspired to be in the motherland and understand where I came from. It is such a blessing to collaborate with a REAL artist. The song and the lyrics are my take away of watching them, real people with real stories. I am the American Dream, phir bhi dil mein Hindustani.”

Adding on Rohan Jha, Head Pop, Sony Music India said, “City Slums brings 2 of the most talented Urban Music artists together, and this song reflects the changing preferences of music lovers in India. We have been at the forefront of the Urban Music movement in India, and it will be exciting to see how music like this will shape the landscape.”

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