Over the past few years, up and coming festival promoters have given the audience a lot to look forward to. What they’ve managed to do, is give their individual festivals identities and vibes that reflect their how they think festivals should be constructed. The story and birth of Ragasthan, is no different. Music and visual beauty has always been the core objective for the promoters and we’re sure this years edition will hit the nail right on the head!


From Desert activities, to eclectic music, to cinema and camping in the desert, here’s a look at what India’s Craziest Music Festival  has in store for you during the next four days. ( 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th)

1. Well, there’s the music ofcourse!

Asia’s  only desert camping festival is back with SO much more music and has created a platform for a whole bunch of new artists brought into a festival circuit. 4 days, 3 nights, 3 (fantastic) stages, over 50 artists in the untapped and secluded sandunes of Khuri, Jaisalmer. Sounds pretty damn great, yeah?
Retaining and improving everything from last year’s edition, the festival will feature their usual three  (uniquely named) stages – Ammara, Birakha and Morio. Of course, each stage will be dedicated to a genre or category of music – Ammara will have everything from progressive to techno and trance. Think Goa Underground Tribe, Branoid, Addictek, Nocturnal Project, Lusid  and Johnny Deep.Tom Gillieron and Jane Fitz,  who are both pretty big in the London underground circuit – will be at Ammara, on Thursday!
Birakha will feature all indie and songwriter unplugged talent like Ifs and Buts, Prateek Kuhad Collective, Run Pussy Run. A stage you should definitely check out if you’re up for some new talent.
Morio will have everything from pop to rock to world and folk – Ganesh Talkies, Taleb Khan and Troupe, The Circus, Alo wala (USA) are just some of the many artists performing at this stage over the three days!


2.Art, Adventure & Cinema
Art adventure and cinema Collage

Again, with emphasis on the ‘experience’ festival, comes the many fun activities and visuals of Ragasthan.  Introduce yourself ‘Galiyaro’ –  catered to art, artists and their enthusiasts. In simpler words this gallery will be a platform for artists, entertainers and musicians to create something beautiful. Think, Burning Man.

Adventure sport is another popular festival trend. And Ragasthan will NOT disappoint. Hot Air Balloons. Paintball. RC Planes.  Zorbing.  Kite Flying. Paramotoring. RC Cars – All in a winter-y desert venue. 🙂

Hello, hipsters. Ujalo, is the perfect place for you.
This open air makeshift ‘theatre’ of sorts will be the home to documentaries and film screenings, every night of the festival. Expect cult classics, new noir and gripping short films by  famous and obscure talent. For your benefit and comfort, this ‘joint’ will come with mattresses, cushions and blankets to keep you warm and fuzzy.


3.  Camel Rides make for great (and free) in festival transport.
Camel Rides

Ditch walking, take a camel ride instead.

Protip : Keep all aerated drinks away from the beasts. Also, try not to stick your butt in their faces.

camel on coke

camel bite

4.Being Human.

These are a few lesser known facts, that should be given it’s due.  Last year’s social work (by the festival) will continued this year. Here’s what they’ve accomplished  – 2 5000 litre water tanks donated to schools, 1 damaged and unused bore well repaired and restored, 1 water storage tank of 50,000 litres repaired, restored and refilled. 4 homes in the desert rebuilt. All unused material donated to the village for their welfare. Cash donations to help repair the local school.

This year there are even plans to donate water purification points at the school, donate solar lamps, repair schools and sponsor higher education of children in Khuri. Additionall, the good folk of Ragasthan will also work to help make Khuri and eco-friendly village with more opportunities for incomes via tourism.

Also – 2700 flasks were distributed with the support of Eagle Flasks – Ragasthan is a strictly no plastic festival, so  people everyone has to carry all drinks in their flasks.

P.S. The festival has proved to be a big push for tourism in Jaisalmer which has seen a major slump due to unavailability of direct transport as well as recession.


5. Desert Camping, bitch!
Tents Collage

Fret not, desert camping at Ragasthan comes in various prices ranges. If you have deep pockets and are willing to spend, you have the option of the luxurious and roomy Swiss tents. There are also the regular Hathai tents that come cheaper, with a camp site of nearly 100 camping tents and ample number of 10 bed dormitory tents.

You can also, pitch your own tent at the BYOT ( Bring Your Own Tent) camp clearing at no cost, and can hire a bed for a minimum. Ragasthan really does have the cheapest camping options available. Book here!


So why is it India’s Craziest Festival?

Apart from the fact that it is the only festival( in India) that has taken leaf out of  Burning Man’s book, ( judging from it’s venue and art) last year, 2100 people last year managed to reach even though there are no direct trains or buses or flights to Jaisalmer.  This reaffirms it’s festival of ‘experience’ tag with more people attending Ragasthan to explore than to just listen to a few artists.

It’s also set smack down in the middle of a desert , with no concrete or pollution cluttering up the horizon.  The weather varies from 24 degrees by day and 4 degrees by night – making it a perfect winter festival.

Not too late for you to catch those Ragavans to the festival! Book your tickets here.