You can’t deny that the most talked about EDM artist in India has been Nucleya and what a year it has been for him.

The man has an infectious energy even after his incredible set at Sunburn and we got to witness that when we sat down to have a private chat with the man and this is what he said:


The Sherp: It’s great to speak to you again! Your fans have experienced how great this year has been for you, but we’d like to hear it from you personally.

Nucleya: It’s been incredible. I thought last year was a milestone but this year has crossed all expectations right from the NSCI gig to the Raja Baja Tour. We also ended up doing a lot of our own shows, which I had doubts about pulling off. I headlined more or less all of the NH7 Weekenders in the small and big cities along with crossing over a lot of views on YouTube; from one million to almost three million views!

The Sherp: You’re performing at Sunburn after a while. Do you have any fond memories about performing at the festival?

Nucleya: I have mixed feelings. I started a couple of years back, from opening the stage to here. So it’s been quite a journey with Sunburn.

The Sherp: We have noticed, across social media platforms, that each of your social media posts are the result of a team effort. Do you think artists can scale those heights without the support of a dedicated team? What are your views?

Nucleya: It’s always team work. I have an incredible team and I have Rahul Sinha with me here today who takes care of everything. My job is to make music, go on stage, perform and then come here and do interviews. Everything else, Rahul and my team takes care of.


The Sherp: You have managed to find a sweet spot between electronic music and Indian sounds in a way very few people have. Any tips that you could give to music producers in India?

Nucleya: I think it’s not so much about the blend of the music but more about how original and refreshing it sounds; that’s more important. A lot of similar work in the past with Talvin Singh and Zenith along with the whole Asian Underground movement is what made it fresh since no one had done it before and that’s the reason why it travelled across the globe everywhere. The format is more or less the same, it’s a fresh sound. The plus point that I have is that I don’t make complicated music. I make dance music which is very simple to understand and it’s not driven by Indian classical music, it’s driven with folk music and street music. So it becomes much easier to understand.

The Sherp: If you could collaborate with any one artist from the Sunburn roaster, who would it be?

Nucleya: Anish Sood!

The Sherp: What’s coming up for Nucleya in 2017?

Nucleya: Lots of new music, lots of international collaborations and international tours lined up as well. A couple of hidden projects are also in the pipeline as well and lots of family time.


The Sherp: Do we see a new album coming out in 2017?

Nucleya: No. Lots of music will come out but not in the form of an album though. Maybe it will, I don’t know. It’s too early to talk about it.

The Sherp: If you had the chance to perform a fun set for Sunburn, like the way you get on a truck for Ganpati Visarjan, what would it be like?

Nucleya: I still have to think about it, I don’t know. Maybe an airplane perhaps!