He’s back and we can’t wait for more!

Last year, when singer Ed Sheeran went on a social media sabbatical, fans all over the world (and those who follow him on Snapchat) were devastated. But exactly one year later, we were filled with renewed hope. On the same exact date that would be one year since he quit social media, Sheeran announced that new music will be coming our way and guess what, it has!

The singer first hinted at a new album when all his social media pages changed their display pictures with a blank pale blue background, following which a cryptic image regarding the album name was posted on Twitter. See it for yourself:

Fans exploded all over the world wide web and today, the singer released not just one but two singles from the upcoming album!

“Castle on The Hill” was the track that first appeared with a beautiful lyric video and the same upbeat vibe that can be expected by the singer. But he also uploaded a bolder yet smoother track “Shape of You”.

Both the tracks clearly show a more evolved sound for the man and we’re digging it. Seems like taking a year off did wonders for him, not just personally but even professionally. We can’t wait for the album drops.

In the meantime, keep these two songs on loop.