Indian lovers of psytrance, this definite budget will take you to the legendary Ozora Festival as inexpensively as possible.

As listeners of psytrance will tell you, Ozora is the holy grail of psytrance festivals, the meeting point of new age gurus from around the world, as they assemble together for the music and the spirit. That it happens in the exotic and rather affordable locales of Hungary should cause you much relief. The Sherp is aware that psytrance fans bear great love for all that is earthy, and wouldn’t mind the ascetic life for a great experience, so we have a budget as close to your vibe as possible.

Gather ye tie dyes, and pay attention –

1. Thankfully, there isn’t a chaotic rush to get the tickets, but you would want to book one as soon as possible

Much like other festivals, it’s pertinent you register for Ozora Festival before purchasing a ticket. While the early bird tickets have sold out during phase 1, you can register and purchase a ticket for € 130 that will come up to INR 9,920 for you. These tickets will be available till the 15th of July.

Should you miss those festivals as well, Ozora also lets you purchase € 150 tickets at the window, which could be an option for you if you do not have enough money presently. But as you would be traveling from India to Hungary, you’d much rather want to purchase it online.

Yonatan Benaksas Ozora 2(Source: Yonatan Benaksas | Ozora Festival Facebook)

2. With the Ozora festival scheduled for August, an air-ticket booked at the earliest will prove least expensive

The closest airport to the Ozora Festival is the Budapest International Airport, and that’s the airport you’re going to have to book your tickets to.

This year, the festival of Ozora is held from August 1st to 7th. For which, it would be most comfortable to book air-tickets on the 31st of July and return on the 8th of August. Should you book it now, you can manage to snag yourself a round-fare averaging at INR 40,000. The longer you wait, the more expensive it would prove.

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3. Booking yourself a € 30 spot on the airport shuttle that will take you from Budapest Airport to the Ozora Festival spot, and back to Budapest Airport will be the more affordable way of traveling inside Budapest. That would cost you about INR 2,300.

4. Camping in Ozora is absolutely FREE, but you would need to pitch a tent of your own. 

Travelling from India means that it’s virtually impossible for you to carry you own tent to Hungary. What you can instead do is purchase a tent in Budapest itself.

You can order a tent off the Hungarian site off Decathlon, where you can purchase a basic two man tent for under £50, or INR 5000. Then, after the festival, you can sell off the tent on the internet for under £15 or INR 1,500. Head to any second hand selling page on Facebook such as Used Stuff for sale in Budapest. All you have to do is walk into the festival grounds as soon as possible, and find yourself a suitable spot to pitch your tent.

You might want to pick this experience over living at a hotel, because a psytrance festival experience is only heightened with community interaction, and with camping, you’ll feel more involved than you would any other way. You can decorate your tent with colourful fabrics, that would also serve as a good shade from the sun. So make sure to pack in some delightfully designed cloth pieces.

Yonatan Benaksas Ozora 9(Source: Yonatan Benaksas | Ozora Festival Facebook)

5. Camping at Ozora would mean that you will have to stock up on certain utilities to ensure a hassle free camping experience.

A sleeping bag of Decathlon would cost you about £10, or INR 1000. If you wish to save that expenditure, you can carry a mattress from here, since your luggage for the festival shouldn’t otherwise be too overwhelming. Ozora does have multiple food stalls, greengrocery stalls and drinking water stations within the festival grounds, so the entire expense shouldn’t cost you over € 130 or INR 10,000.

Yonatan Benaksas Ozora 7(Source: Yonatan Benaksas | Ozora Festival Facebook)

6. The overall expenditure

The festival of Ozora is an organic journey, so leave behind your hangups, and get closer to the nature and the festival’s central spirit. With air fare, ticket, shuttle and camping, the overall expenditure will be less than INR 75,000. The experience will be priceless.

Yonatan Benaksas Ozora(Source: Yonatan Benaksas | Ozora Festival Facebook)