Mumbai punk rock band, PuNkTuRe, took on Antisocial at Khar this Sunday and absolutely killed it!

Known for a number of songs, including a punk rock cover of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, the Mumbai band ‘PuNkTuRe’ have certainly made a name for themselves in  recent years. Founded by Rahul Mandal in 2011 along with his college-mates, the band gained fame for their original compositions which led to live performances across Navi Mumbai. Their first 4 track EP album named ‘Punk Off’ released in 2012 and featured a number of popular tracks.

The name ‘Punkture’, derived from the words punk and culture, largely focuses on punk and hard rock with influences from heavy metal and progressive rock as well.

In spite of being a young group, the band consisting of founding member Rahul Mandal  on Vocals & Rhythm Guitar, Shishir Singh  on Lead Guitar, Sohil Patil on Bass Guitar and Swapnil Singh on Drums & Percussions; have already gained fame across huge platforms.

Credits: PuNkTuRe

Been featured on the VH1 Music Diaries last year, the band got to play their single ‘Campus Bloodshed’ for a wider and newer audience and it was an instant hit with their already existent fans. Speaking about the experience, lead vocalist Rahul said, “While we savored the opportunity to showcase our work to audiences on a huge platform like VH1, it was a fun experience where we were both, excited and nervous. A lot of people appreciated our song after they saw it on VH1, and we got a lot of messages on our Facebook page, from fans asking for more.”

Already on their way to stardom, here’s a sample of their musical mastery: